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Plaza Midwood

Plaza-Midwood is a revitalized section of Charlotte comprised of the area between Hawthorne Lane, The Plaza, Briar Creek, and Central Avenue. It is an unique section of town that has experienced recent continued growth. Plaza-Midwood features a diverse population and this is apparent in the number of restaurants and entertainment venues that cater to all types of patrons.


Landmark is a Diner famous for its desserts!

Krazy Fish

Krazy Fish

Krazy Fish is a colorful little restaurant in the Plaza Midwood area serving an array of soul food, seafood, and tacos

pint central

Pint Central

Pint Central is a bar/restaurant serving delicious tapas in Plaza Midwood!

Bistro La Bon

Bistro La Bon is one of those little gems in the Plaza Midwood area serving a mix of European fare.

Fern, Flavors From The Garden

Tucked away in the Plaza Midwood section of Charlotte this restaurant offers any person that’s vegetarian or vegan plenty of dishes to choose from!


I think there’s a lot to be said about a restaurant that was featured in Diner, Drive Ins, and Dives. So if you haven’t checked out Dish yet then you have to go give it a try!

Roaming Fork

Another great food truck find. The Roaming Fork offers a varying menu of sandwiches, tacos, and incredible sides, especially the fries!

Soul Gastrolounge

Soul Gastrolounge is a restaurant in the Plaza Midwood area that serves tapas, sushi, and delicious cocktails in a cozy, yet elegant, setting that is perfect for outings with friends, dates, or any sort of casual event.