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Montford is located in the southern part of Charlotte and it is a street that intersects between Park Road and East Woodlawn Road. This strip serves as the playground for many that live in the South Park area and vicinity. Restaurants, bars, and a bowling alley can be found along both sides of the road.

Barreled at the Lift

Hidden away close to Montford is Barreled at the Lift, a speakeasy lounge with a unique character unlike other Charlotte bars and lounges!

Good Food on Montford

Good Food on Montford is a restaurant serving food in the tapas style. Have you been yet?

The Roasting Company

The Roasting Company is a restaurant serving rotisserie chicken with a mix of Southern and Latin inspired sides. It’s location makes it convenient for a quick food stop or an affordable meal before a night out in Montford.

Jeff’s Bucket Shop

If karaoke doesn’t scare you then drink up some liquid courage and take the stage at Jeff’s and belt out any song to your heart’s content!