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Maria says…

The bottom line: Can I pick up this restaurant and bring it back with me to Charlotte?

Hello fellow readers, it’s been a while! This post has me super excited because 1 – I haven’t written in a long time and, 2 – I am writing about a restaurant that totally impressed me. Maybe it’s because I haven’t been out much lately – life, you know – or because I haven’t run into a restaurant that has left me dreaming about it days on end, but I just haven’t been anywhere that I’ve felt made me think “this is it, this is different”. However, the Antidote Foodlab in Sherbrooke, Quebec did just that. 

But enough of my jabbering…let me tell you more about it and allow pictures to do more of the talking. 

What a view! The ambiance is what could make or break a place. Antidote’s decor is simple. Yet it has so many small details and it all goes perfectly together to create one beautiful rustic dining area. 

The famous cheese fondue! There were about 5 cheese in here including gouda, parmigiano reggiano,  and gruyere plus tomato salsa, wilted roman lettuce with garlic butter. So good!! 

And as for the main dish I went with the sea linguini. This had homemade pasta, lobster bisque, tons of seafood (lobster, crab, oysters, calamari, shrimp), topped with a crisp fennel and celery salad. Umm bottom line – I could eat at least 3 of these in a row. But then again I love seafood and pasta. Nothing wrong with that! 

Last but not least is of course the amazing beer I had. All the credit goes to my boss for suggesting to try this. This beer is as smooth as it can get in my opinion. And the flavor of it is unrivaled, and that is saying a lot given how spoiled we are in Charlotte with all the craft breweries around. This one is called the Oatmeal stout and comes from a brewery native to Sherbrooke called Siboire

Overall, this was such an unique find (more like suggestion by my boss) on this trip. Antidote is small, eclectic, etc, all of which tend to be favorite of mine when it comes to a restaurant. And maybe it’s the decor, maybe it’s the food, maybe it’s both, but I wish Sherbrooke was closer so I could go check it out again! 

Been there? Tell us about it!

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