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Maria says…

The bottom line: Haberdish is cool, refreshing, and has the best cauliflower dish I’ve tasted so far! 

Yes, it’s me. You are not seeing things. I finally have a post! It’s been a while so thank you for bearing with us. Changes can sometimes rock the status quo so with Ana in DC and me trying to hold down the fort in Charlotte it’s been a bit hard to bring you frequent posts. So keeping that in mind we are trying a new format. Our posts will be shorter but we will still be sharing all those things we love, didn’t love, and can’t stop raving about in regards to food and restaurants. 

And to try this new phase what better place than Haberdish! It’s newish to the NoDa food scene and I am so excited I went. It’s a hip place with a cool bar but sadly you can’t make reservations. So get there early if you can. 

The picture doesn’t do it justice but I am a fan of anyone that can make cauliflower tasty. This dish is called Cauliflower Steak with Chimichurri. The cauliflower is deep fried and topped with the sauce. It meaty and has a smoky flavor that just keeps you wanting one more bite. I loved this dish and would go back for it again. 

My side that day was a Green Beans Casserole. It was topped with crispy onions and gouda cheese if I am not mistaken. I liked it so so much. It was creamy, fresh, and the textures were all on point. The green beans were tasty and I liked how the onions balanced out the texture for a crispy finish! 

Besides the food the biggest star of Haberdish are the cocktails that they make. The bar is pretty impressive and pretty also! I just love their decoration. As you can see the cocktails menu is plentiful and in my opinion very inventive. I tried the Double Spiced Rum Punch. I liked how it was not sweet and it was gone before I knew it. I could easily go to Haberdish just to sip on some cocktails.

I mean isn’t this pretty! My friend tried the Love Potion #10 cocktail and had the option of having an edible flower ice cube. I mean you can just look at the drink alone and it’s enticing. I can’t quite recall what she said about it but if you based things off looks then I say this one was pretty good too. 

Overall, the visit to Haberdish was great. Being that they are still relatively new they still have some kinks to work out. Two of my friends tried their Lemon Tart dessert and weren’t very pleased with it. The dessert menu looks amazing as well. I think my next visit will be for some Banana Pudding and a couple new cocktails to try! 


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