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Ana says…

The bottom line: A Korean/southern BBQ fusion for those looking for something different

There aren’t many Korean restaurants in Charlotte and one of the good ones closed a few years ago. Imagine my delight at learning that a new Korean place was coming to the South End. Like many other new restaurants in town it was written about months before an opening date was known, and even before the concept was announced to the public. The reason that I bring this is up is because every time this happens I get excited about a new eatery in town and when I finally get to visit the hype has not been warranted. The thing to know about Seoul Food is that it is not a typical Korean restaurant rather one that marries Southern and Korean foods into a unique concept. 

The restaurant itself is in a convenient location and it has a nice bar and garage doors that I am sure make for a very pleasant atmosphere during the warmer times of the year. It all has a very casual feel to it. You can see pictured below that even the food is served on trays and cardboard. 

On the image above you can see the bao buns on the top right, pulled pork on the bottom left, fire chicken in the middle, and ramen mac and cheese on the bottom right. 

The buns were nicely made and although they don’t have a strong taste they are a nice compliment to the meal. The pulled pork was better than the chicken although it’s no Midwood Smokehouse or Mac’s Speedshop. The fire chicken is not something i would order again. I didn’t find it to be that spicy or flavorful. I wanted to like the ramen mac and cheese but it just wasn’t that tasty. Perhaps if the topping was combined with the noodles it would be more flavorful. I just found it to be bland. 


No I didn’t eat all this food by myself. I took my mother with me. It was definitely too much food for two people and we ended up having leftovers. We also got the tofu (picture above on the left) and the sweet potato bird’s nest (right). I had the option of getting the tofu half and half so that I could pick the sauce for each side. I ordered half of it plain and the other half with the spicy sauce. This is from the wings portion of the menu where there is the option to order wings or tofu. The bird’s next sounds good in theory but I found it to be dry. It is drizzled with a sweet sauce but once I started biting into it, it didn’t feel like I was eating something with a lot of body or substance. It just didn’t add to my meal. 

Alas I was sad not to get traditional Korean food options but I think if you go in with the right expectations it will an enjoyable experience. 

Seoul Food Meat Co

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