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The bottom line: Jake’s is a good enough reason to make a trip all the way to Albemarle Road!

I recently took a look at the Foodies Have Fun website and noticed that our two latest posts had been back in February and June of this year. I won’t lie and say that a twinge of guilt came over me over having abandoned our beloved site for so long. The questions from friends on when we would post something new or if we had even been to eat somewhere new popped up in a conversation every now and then; of course, I’d reply that we’d get to it, feel a bit of remorse, and then convince myself I would do it sooner rather than later. Those close to Ana and I know that both our lives have individually changed and this has somewhat influenced the frequency with which we write. We both started new jobs and Ana even moved to a new city!

It’s true that life takes some unexpected twists and turns. Those things that were a driving force before may not be as much as a driver under new circumstances. Sometimes you take the time to explore other things but it also doesn’t mean that you have completely abandoned the things that you also liked to do before. My love for writing and food has not been lost, it just went into a deep slumber for some time. And so here we are. I can’t promise that the frequency will be as it once was but I hope to keep you posted more than only twice a year! In reality the hard work and sacrifices we made don’t allow me to see the website sail off into silence.

For my post I decided to go with a place that makes me happy and brings fond food memories. I haven’t been to Jake’s Good Eats recently but I’ve been there a couple of times with my old coworkers and still dear good friends. Those that live in Charlotte might be put off by the fact that Jake’s is a good distance away from the city (well at least in my eyes it is). Take my word for it though the trip is worth it.

Jake is situated in Albemarle Road in what looks to be an old gas filling station. The best part about Jake’s? They have horses!! Now for a big animal lover like myself that’s a huge draw on its own. No, you can’t feed the horses but they are so pretty to look at! Jake’s is not a big restaurant so I’d expect dinner time to get crowded. My recommendation is to try to get there during the lunch hours if you can or otherwise get there in that early dinner crowd (pretend you are a 70 year old person for a day). At Jake’s prepare to be dazzled by country theme memorabilia and some good country music playing in the background. Now I’m not the biggest country fan but even I have found myself swaying to the songs the times I’ve gone.

On to the food, that’s why we are here after all. The first thing I’d recommend is the spinach and artichoke dip. A spinach dip is a spinach dip you might say but this one is creamy, served warm, and with a side of pita chips. I like how it feels cheesy without it being too heavy. You also feel healthy since you are eating a good dose of spinach and artichoke in there. The first time I went to Jake’s I had the shrimp Po’Boy. Ever since I went to New Orleans I have been on a Po’Boy quest and sadly most of the ones I’ve tried didn’t meet my expectations. I didn’t want to be disappointed so I wasn’t expecting a lot from the one at Jake’s but let me tell you I am glad I ordered it. I’ll start with the bread which is almost as essential as the actual filling. The bread used was exquisite. It had a crunchy exterior and soft pillowy dough. I could have eaten that bread just on its own. I also loved the shrimp and how well battered and crispy it was. It wasn’t overcooked so you didn’t get that rubbery texture. The Po’Boy also came with a spicy sauce which really brought it come. I mean, what is a Po’Boy without some spice? I only wished there was more sauce in it! I think I can pronounce Jake’s Po’Boy as one of the best that I’ve had in Charlotte.

During my second visit I had a cheeseburger all the way. This means that it was a cheeseburger plus chili and I requested some bacon just to make sure I was getting my meat fix. The burger was delicious although yes a bit sloppy because of the chili. I felt like a little girl once again with sauce dripping all around me as I ate my Big Mac (I was a Big Mac addict as a child). This cheeseburger had all the right ingredients and the chili and bacon were complimentary to it. If you want to feel like you want all your daily protein intake for the day and then some then order this. The order came with a side of fries which I really liked. They were cut thinner than your average fries so in my mind that made them crispier which is something I love.

I can’t stress enough how Jake’s is worth a visit. The atmosphere and food is incredible and it makes for a great field trip to the out skirts of the city. Jake’s has become one of my favorite places and it always makes me think of my wonderful coworkers from my previous job. They always supported the blog and participated in my food eating adventures. It was only appropriate that my first blog post after so long was of a place and memory that I enjoyed sharing with them!

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