Food Encounters – Portland

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Musings on Portland

Maria says…

It will be close to 2 years now since Ana and I made our trip to Portland. It has taken this long to upload something not because Portland was difficult to write about but because it was hard to know where to even start. See Portland to me is an oxymoron. It is picturesque and beautiful with all the nature that surrounds it. That side of Portland I enjoyed. However, we can’t also leave behind the not so pretty and shiny part of it. The city can be a little gloomy and sad not only due to the weather (if I moved there I would definitely need a sun lamp especially after all these years in the South!) but also because the amount of homelessness is very much in your face, especially in downtown Portland. I’m no stranger to this having spent a good number of years in NYC but it is sometimes difficult to walk around the streets and see people your age or younger with no place to go.

So I’d say you need to be prepared to see both sides of the city’s coin. However, once you get past all that you encounter a place rich in it’s own quirkiness. And, well I am a sucker for quirky. In my opinion Portland is worth a visit. Next time I wish I could go exploring more than the confines of downtown Portland and its nearby areas because I know this city is a gem with so much to offer. I find Oregon overall very enthralling and would love to see more of the state if I could. I’ll confess my admiration for it stems back from when I was in 5th grade and taking out books on states I’d love to move to and Oregon happened to be one of my picks. The food is great, the work that has been put into the craft beer and cocktail scene is apparent, and if you are a coffee lover well there will be plenty of options to go around.  If you can get over the rain and cloudiness that plagues Portland for a good part of the year then you find a city full of culinary innovation!


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