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Ana says…

The bottom line: Gorgeous building, fun atmosphere, and satisfying food

I recently went to Ruru’s at the suggestion of a friend. I was meeting up with her and an another friend and it was the only restaurant in the options offered that I hadn’t been to. My friend had visited before and really liked it. I only looked at the menu very briefly before arriving. I was very pleasantly surprised to find Ruru’s home in a gorgeous building on Providence Rd. I will admit it’s a little hard to find during the first visit. Their address is on Providence Rd. but their parking lot faces Fulton which is a side street.

After a few difficulties locating the venue I arrived and forgot all of that. The back entrance faces a large patio with a bar that was just hopping when I arrived. They have lights strung up across the patio and that immediately just adds atmosphere. Upon walking in to the restaurant in the back there is a bar and more tables. Walking further into the home there are more dining areas and booths. Towards the back there seem to be a lounge room of sorts. I found my friends, sat down, and after spending some time catching up I started looking over the menu. It was distracting because our table was in a very high traffic area. There was constant traffic most of our visit there. I understand a restaurant taking advantage of space but I wouldn’t place a circular table in a spot that connects two different walkways.

After placing our order, our chips and salsa (Let It Rain on the menu) arrived. They were not complimentary as they tend to be in many places (nor am I saying they should be).

The salsa was a homemade tomato based sauce that had a certain smokiness to it. It definitely tasted very fresh. Their chips were very, very thick. In fact, if beaten at the wrong angle or thrown at someone they could probably cause some damage (I kid). They were good and not greasy. I prefer chips with a medium thickness but this is just a matter of preference.

For my meal I ordered two tacos. The Long Duk Dong and That’s Not Snowflake.

The Long Duk is a Korean style taco, stuffed with steak, cabbage, a sauce, and sesame seeds. It certainly had a sweetness to it and the sauce was very creamy. The meat was a bit cold when it got to the table so it was a little bit hard for me to enjoy the taste of it as a composition. I ate it, didn’t dislike it but not sure if I would order it again. The That’s Not Snowflake is a taco stuffed with tofu, spicy peppers, and chipotle sauce. The tofu was crispy but still soft inside (you would be surprise how many restaurant can mess that up) and the jalapeno and sauce brought it all together. If you are a tofu fan or looking for a vegetarian option this is the way to go.

In between, before, and after all the food I did get to enjoy two cocktails. The You Talking to Me, which is their spicy margarita. This one is made with tequila, jalapeno syrup, agave, and lime juice. I liked that it wasn’t too sweet but for the price I expect less ice more drink. I also asked for it to be made extra spciy and I could have done with a little more spicy. Just personal preference. For my second cocktail I had the My Precious, which is made with cucumber vodka, St. Germain, and lime juice. It’s a lighter cocktail and not very sweet. Just what I was looking for. It can also feel very refreshing.

Overall, I would definitely go back there. Not so much for the food, but because it’s a great venue to hang out with friends, family, for date nights and even the picky eaters could find something on their menu, because who doesn’t love Tex-Mex? Next time I visit I will probably try their other menu items to get an idea of what the rest of their menu is like.

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