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The bottom line: Light and delicious food!

There are certain things in life that I love. One of those things is to eat a lot without feeling guilty or full after stuffing my face to my heart’s content. A couple of days ago I discovered that I could do exactly this with crepes…as long as the crepes are prepared correctly.

I’ll start by saying that I haven’t exactly been a huge fan of crepes but now I officially consider myself a convert. I’ve had crepes before and they have been just OK (I am going to attribute this to the crepe themselves not being prepared right). I’ve discovered that when it comes to crepes the thinner the better. Otherwise I believe it feels like eating a semi thin pancake filled with different types of ingredients. This is also completely OK, but if that’s what I wanted then that’s what I would call it – a stuffed pancake and not a crepe, but I digress.

On a recent sunny day I decided to peel myself away from the office and venture out to lunch. Royal Café & Creperie is one of those places that I had heard about but not made my way to yet so it became my first choice. The café is located in the heart of Matthews and upon arrival I noticed it was small but rather welcoming. It has a little patio outside lined with a couple of tables with umbrellas. Once inside you see more tables and the counter where they prepare the crepes for your viewing pleasure. There are also some chalkboards behind the counter that outline their coffee/tea menu as well as the daily specials.

Something that I especially liked about Royal Café is that besides having a set savory and sweet crepe menu you are also able to create your own. Of course this was music to my ears! I opted for this option and made my crepe from goat cheese, chicken, sautéed mushrooms, and bacon. I was afraid I had gone a little overboard but hunger had gotten the best of me. Once I placed my order the ladies behind the counter went straight to work. The crepe I ordered was brought to my table and I immediately dug in. The thinness of the crepe itself amazed me. It was almost paper thin but had the right consistency. It did not tear neither when the ladies were cooking it nor when I tried to cut it with my knife. The crepe also did not feel rubbery which is something I have encountered at other places that make theirs a little bit thicker. The combination of the mushrooms, goat cheese, chicken, and bacon were perfect for me. The crepe had a generous serving of all of these and I think I did a good job of choosing ingredients that balanced each other out not only in taste but also texturally. One thing though is that the bacon was cut into tiny square bits and my only wish is for them to have been a tad bigger. You knew that the bacon was there but missed the satisfaction of chewing through the crunchiness only bacon can afford. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed my savory crepe and once I finished there was only one question in my mind: Should I order a sweet crepe as well?

The answer to that was yes. My coworker and I decided to split a sweet crepe and ordered one that we made up ourselves. The crepe had strawberries, apples, banana, and Nutella. Delicious, amazing, and so good are words that come to mind. Do I really need to say more when fruit and nutella are involved? I didn’t think so. I finished my food thinking that I wouldn’t be able to get out of my chair but to my surprise I didn’t only feel like I was functional and not in a food coma, but I also felt like I had eaten healthy.

After this visit I really don’t need much convincing to go back to Royal Café & Creperie for more crepes! Besides the crepe the coffee and tea menu looked very promising. I would love to go back for breakfast and try their drinks as well as more of their food. The prices for the food are also not bad ($6-$10 on average) so I am sure I’ll soon be back for more.

P.S. Also pictured above is the Royal Trinity crepe which is made of strawberry, bananas, Nutella, and real whipped cream. My coworkers told me that it was sinfully delicious as any sweet crepe should be.


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