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Ana says…

The bottom line: A disappointing experience

After a long hiatus from the Charlotte food scene I was excited to check out anything new that my beloved QC had to offer. I met with one of my friends uptown and we decided to go to 3 Trade after she remembered seeing it on the Charlotte restaurant week list. Once we arrived the first thing I noticed was the outside seating area. When we walked inside and went up to the podium the hostess asked if we had a reservation, which was odd considering that the restaurant was practically empty (Tip 1 don’t ask if we have a reservation if the place is empty unless you are expecting an army to show up). We were sat at a small table by the only occupied spot in the restaurant (Tip 2 come on give us some privacy if the place is empty, I understand seating us in the same section but the next to the only occupied table?!).

3 Trade has a varied menu which includes items like pasta, burgers, salads, flatbread, various meat entrees, and sushi. After coming back from Asia I was still on a sushi kick so I opted for the seaweed salad and some of the sashimi pieces. My friend ordered the Charleston She Crab soup and the Caesar salad. Once my seaweed salad arrived I noticed that it was pretty fresh which is mainly what I look for in seaweed salad.

Once my sushi arrived (not pictured) I looked at it oddly and told the waitress that I was pretty sure I ordered sashimi. Unfortunately the dish that was set before me was nigiri. Granted not everyone knows the difference (sashimi is the seafood served alone, while nigiri that is seafood served on top of rice) if they are not into sushi but I expect the staff of a restaurant that serves sushi to know the difference. In the waitress’s defense she did offer to take it back but at that point I was too hungry and tired to care. Hence the lack of a picture for this post. The sushi wasn’t anything to write home about and in fact the rice had a slightly odd taste to it. Needless to say I don’t think I am coming back to 3 Trade for sushi.

I did not try the She Crab soup or the caesar salad but my friend commented that they were not anything out of the ordinary.

I did try the oreo cheesecake and again was disappointed as there wasn’t anything special about it.

If you are going to make a dish that everyone knows well then make sure that there is something outstanding about it or that it is a solid dish to serve as far as consistency of taste.

Alas, I have very mixed feelings about this restaurant. I am not sure that I will come back for the food. Perhaps to try their drinks.

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