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The bottom line: Delicious NY style bagels!

During the last couple of weeks both Ana and I have somewhat slacked with providing content for our readers and not written as much as we have had in the past. This, however, was not due to procrastination but rather to an amazing adventure we took together across 6 cities in Asia to bring to you some exciting food stories (more on that later). I am excited to announce Foodies Have Fun is now back in the same city and more ready than ever to take Charlotte’s culinary scene by storm! 🙂

Once I was back from my Asian escape one of the things that I wanted the most was some hearty breakfast food. A brunch get together shortly came to fruition with one of my good friends. I had to relay all my travel adventures and she recommended Poppy’s Bagels as the perfect place to go to. In fact, the restaurant came highly recommended so I literally began counting down the days. Poppy’s is located right off Providence Road in the Cotswold area. It is smaller in scale size wise but they also have a little patio area that you can eat at. Upon entering you get in the line and your order is taken with you then proceeding to pay at the register. Be warned that in between that time frame your eyes will encounter some deliciously appetizing dessert on display. It took all of my power to not succumb so early in the morning!

My breakfast at Poppy’s consisted of a cinnamon raisin bagel, an omelet, potato, and sausage. I also had a coffee called Kahlua. Now that was a really tempting one! My favorite part of breakfast was the bagel. I substituted the butter for cream cheese and couldn’t have been happier. The bagel was a good size and so tasty! The outer part was crispy and sturdy while the inside was fluffy. The difference between Poppy’s bagels and others I’ve had comes to how dense the dough can be for other bagels. At Poppy’s that is not the case. The inside is light, well of course as much as a bagel can be.

The omelet, potato, and sausage were not bad although pretty standard across what other cafe’s offer as well. Hands down the bagel and coffee were my favorite part of my meal that morning.

I will note that my friend ordered the blueberry bagel and oh my goodness. The minute that bagel was placed in front of us the smell of blueberries just took over. It was more than mouth watering. I know next time I end up at Poppy’s what type of bagel I’m going to be ordering! If Poppy’s wasn’t so far away from where I lived I’d be there everyday.


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