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Ana says…

The bottom line: Yummy food, cool patio

After seeing a picture on Twitter of the yummy food at Pint Central I knew it wouldn’t be long before I made up an excuse to go. When my cousins suggested meeting up for dinner I quickly brought up Pint Central. I arrived a little early and settled in at the bar to wait for my cousins. I ordered a glass of wine (I know, I know I should order beer in a place with that name) and observed the atmosphere. The main room is long with a bar against one wall and the rest of the space is the dining room. Towards the back there is a door that leads to a small patio.

Once my cousins arrived we headed outside as it was a beautiful spring afternoon. We snatched up the last table available and starting perusing the menu. While we sat there a DJ came in and started setting up his equipment. We decided to start with the empanadas filled with chicken.

pint central

As soon as I saw those on the menu I knew they were going to be a part of my day (my family usually makes them during Christmas time and I am usually the one in charge of creating those bundles of deliciousness). Once the empanadas arrived I have to say that I was a bit disappointed with the dough. It was missing that crispy feel that I always look for in empanadas. This one felt more like a combination of phyllo and regular dough. The flakiness was there to a degree but not in the right consistency. The chicken filling, however, was delicious and savory.

After many mental debates I ordered the Choripan. 

pint central

This dish is a sandwich made with homemade spanish sausage, onions, tomatoes, and chimichurri sauce with the herb fries. The sandwich was savory and the chimichurri gave it a good touch. The herb fries were super garlicky. I could smell them before the waitress set my dish down on the table and I loved it. There is not much more I can say about the dish but I was quickly full.

Of honorary mention are the turkey sandwich and the avocado egg rolls. My cousins ordered these dishes and the only complaint I heard was that the avocado rolls didn’t have that much actual avocado. 

pint central

The turkey sandwich is made with lettuce, tomatoes, bacon, and a avocado and chipotle aioli.

pint central

The avocado rolls are made with a black corn relish and served with a cilantro sauce.

Overall, I would love to go back and try more of their dishes. They have a great appetizers section with plenty of dishes to share. They also have salads and other types of sandwiches. Pint Central is a great place to spend a chill time with friends. I would love to see how the atmosphere may change later in the evening and wee hours.

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