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Ana says…

The bottom line: There are other yummier places to get your French food fix.

I went to Georges Brasserie because I wanted to try another French restaurant in Charlotte. I set up a time with some of my friends and off we went. Like many of the restaurants in the South Park area, Georges Brasserie is spacious and has an upscale atmosphere. On the outside the restaurant has a generous seating area with furniture reminiscent of those found in the Parisian sidewalk cafes. The inside is dimly lit with dark furniture.

We decided to sit outside because it was a gorgeous spring evening. We briefly debated over appetizers and decided to go with the ceviche and the butter poached lobster. We patiently waited for our appetizers while we mulled over the wine list. Georges does have a nice selection of wines. When our appetizers arrived we realized that the lobster was really potato gnocchi with small pieces of lobster.

george brasserie

We were all disappointed. The gnocchi didn’t really taste like good gnocchi…it felt like it was seared or sauteed for too long. 

george brasserie

The ceviche was better than the gnocchi but it didn’t feel like the flavors were melding together and so when I took a bite I got individual flavors rather than a combination.

For dinner one of my friends and I ordered the lamb shank. This dish is served with a crispy risotto patty seasoned with saffron.

george brasserie

The meat was very well cooked, it was just falling of the bone and super tender. The sauce was a harissa jus and it seemed a little bland. I wasn’t a fan of the crispy risotto as it was a little dry, greasy, and the saffron seemed to overpower it. The friend who had this dish agreed as well. Our other friend had the Scottish salmon with the black rice. I didn’t get to try this dish but he did not seem too happy with it.


Overall, I am have mixed feelings about this visit. After spending several months in France the bar has been set really high for any French restaurants that I try. On one hand, I want to give Georges Brasserie another go but I know that it may be some time before I am back as there are so many other restaurants that I am looking forward to trying in the QC!

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