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Scene: Hookah Lounge/ Craft Cocktails
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The bottom line: I can almost guarantee that you will love it!

I can say that a trait of mine is that I am good at keeping secrets. Well at least I’d like to think so! Yes, at some point it gets extremely hard but nonetheless I stay mum. Barreled at the Lift however is a secret that I’m going to have to share. The way I see it is that if enough of you go to check the place out then you will help them keep them growing, and if not then it will still be my get away place in Charlotte.

Barreled at the Lift is a small speakeasy type lounge located off Woodlawn Road and Park Road (same shopping center as Which Which, Hef’s, Nom Nom Burger, and more). You can say that their entrance is a bit hidden by the elevator so if this is your first time there it could be hard to find. Right outside their doors you will find a small set of patio chairs. Once you walk in though it is a different story. Step inside and you will find a dimly lit space surrounded by couches and chairs with barrels serving as a table. All the way to the back is the bar along with stools surrounding it. Overall, a small cozy place that stays very true to a lounge atmosphere. And to be honest with you this is a huge selling point for me when it comes to Barreled. Maybe it’s age (ahhh the horrors of getting older!) but there are times when all I want to do is sit back and relax on a couch, enjoy some well crafted drinks, and just talk. The hustle and bustle of clubs and loud bars can only be handled ever so often!

A very good friend of mine introduced me to Barreled and after that visit I find myself coming back every chance I get. They also have hookahs which makes it even more enticing! The scene is unique but OK I’ll be honest yes their drinks is also another huge draw. Their craft cocktails are a main focal point so I’ll stop talking about the decor and get right to business (I know those drinks pictured above are calling your name!). Over the course of my visits to Barreled I have had a variety of drinks and they have never disappointed. Something unique that the bartenders at Barreled do is that you give them words from a word bank listed on their menus along with an alcoholic base (vodka, rum, tequila, etc) and they will prepare a very delicious concoction for you!

During my last visit to celebrate 1 year of this blog (wow 1 year already!) I ordered something refreshing and spicy with a tequila base. The drink was delicious! It was strong and the tequila was definitely there but it also had a sweetness to it that balanced everything out. The spiciness came in at the end of your sip and provided that extra kick you’d expect. I’m sure jalapeno is the culprit here! It also stuck true to it’s character…a very refreshing drink. Another drink that I ordered was the Sweet Tart. It appears to be a regular in their menu and tastes like a sweet tart indeed. At first I thought it would be too sugary but this was not the case at all. To be honest before I noticed it was already gone. The whole group also had a shot created for us to taste like red velvet cake and goodness was that something else! I might definitely try to get them to make it again next time I am there.

Pictured you will see a variety of drinks like the Mangotini, a drink with a vodka base and also “spicy” and “unusual“, the Jamaican Sunset, and a Tang Martini (actual tang surrounds the rim of the glass). I could go on and on but you really need to go there and try some of these on your own because the possibilities could be endless. I also happen to like the presentation of the drinks because a lot of them are served in mason jars (yes, I am one of those who is a sucker for them). The staff is extremely professional and their service is amazing. They will come by and really take care of you. They take the time to talk to you and try to get as close to the drink that you want as possible. Also, I tried their hookah just once but they have a variety of flavors which sound good.

So far all my visits to Barreled have been positive. I have come here with different friends on different occasions and they all have stated what a good time they’ve had. One thing I will tell you is don’t come here sleepy! The dim lights and the comfortable couches might just make you want to take a nap. That is if you can sleep through the DJ of course. As much as I would like to keep Barreled to myself I really can’t stop talking about it. So here you go, read the review, go check them out and hopefully you will like this place as much as I do! 🙂

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