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The bottom line: Delicious cocktails, food, but OMG that sweet potato cheesecake!!

E2 is one of those restaurants that I don’t find myself going to often, but when I do I am always looking forward to what my visit will bring. The restaurant is under Chef’s Emeril Lagasse restaurant group and is located right on museum row (as I like to call it). If you walk down the street between the Mint Museum and the Bechtler Museum you will not miss it.

I found myself meeting up with a couple of my friends here because I had been dying to go back for cocktails (thankfully they agreed to come with!). Last time I was at E2 I had one of their dinner specials. I like to refer to it as a deconstructed chicken pot pie. It was delicious and instead of the standard pie crust they had the pot pie filling as the center of the dish with only small discs of the pie crust to accompany it. The dish also had the addition of hominy corn which I don’t find often in American dishes but that I love a lot! The food was truly delicious but what caught my attention was the cocktail I had. It turns out that at E2 a lot of their cocktails are seasonal and I believe this one was one of the those. It was called The Queen’s Colada and all I can tell you it was made to perfection. Enough to bring me back to my latest visit.

First, just a little information on the restaurant itself. From the outside it looks small but once you enter it is a different story. When you go in to your left you will see the hostess stand and right in front is the bar area. If you go a little bit towards the left there is a small dinning area and to your slight right you will see that there is another dining area that  extends all the way to the back. They also have a small patio both to the left and right hand of the entrance. For my last visit we dined in the patio and I really enjoyed it. It was late at night so there wasn’t much foot traffic plus you got to enjoy the cool breeze that we will probably get less off now that (hopefully) we are heading into the summer time.

My initial purpose to go to E2 was just for cocktails but needless to say how can you take someone who enjoys food so much to a restaurant and not expect them to eat anything? Come on now! Something noteworthy is that at E2 you should not expect a huge varied menu. There are a couple of offerings for appetizers, salads, and entrees. As they say sometimes the better things come in smaller quantities. And honestly, if a smaller menu means more time for them to focus on food quality then why not.

During this visit I decided to just stick to an appetizer and I ordered the Wood Oven Roasted Oysters. The dish comes with 5 oysters each individually topped with a spinach sauce, a piece of thick sliced bacon, thinly sliced strings of onions, and grated parmesan reggiano cheese on top. The oysters are also topped with pieces of crumbs. Although I love seafood oysters are not on top of my list. These however were well prepared. The consistency was perfect as they were not overcooked to a rubbery/hard texture. The seafood flavor was also subdued and the bacon and parmesan cheese provided a bit of saltiness since for the most part oysters on their own are typically more on the bland side. Overall I thought the appetizer was really good and just the right size.

Ok, now on to my favorite part…the drink and dessert! I was sad to discover upon examining the cocktails list that The Queen’s Colada was no longer offered (dang you seasonal drinks!!). Instead I decided to be spontaneous and went with a tequila based drink called Picasso’s Daughter (the waitress said this was one of her favorite too). Besides tequila it also has grapefruit cordial, lime juice, and soda. The drink was served strong and it was so very refreshing and tasty. The tequila did not overpower the rest of the ingredients and it wasn’t an overly sweet drink either. I stuck to one although I wouldn’t have doubted on ordering more at all.

To close off the night my friends and I decided that hey, why not, let’s go for some dessert! The decision was tough but at the end we decided to go with the Sweet Potato and Chocolate Chip Cheesecake. Sounds heavenly right? At first I was a bit skeptical but boy was I proven wrong. The cheesecake was creamy and light. It was the perfect blend of sugar, cream cheese, and sweet potato. I honestly could eat at least 2 or 3 slices in one sitting. The chocolate chip crust and the pecan caramel sauce were equally as good. None were overly sweet and overall it was a perfect marriage of texture and flavors. If you ever find yourself at E2 this is a dessert you can’t pass up.

Also pictured are the dishes my friends had. I didn’t get to try them but they both stated they enjoyed their food as well. My friend who had the BBQ shrimp did say that the sauce the shrimp came in was a little bit salty, but nothing that took too much away from the dish overall. Something that she did rave about was the drink she ordered called the French Quarter. In her words she hadn’t had a drink as good before! On the other hand, my friend Renata ordered more of a tropical drink and she wasn’t too impressed with it. I got to try a little bit of it and despite having pineapple juice and other ingredients it wasn’t sweet. It also had a butterscotch flavor to it. I’m not sure what happened here!

My experiences so far at E2 have been nothing but enjoyable. So far I have liked everything I have had there. I also want to comment that their service is great. The staff is very knowledgeable about the dishes and are very open to recommending things to you. Now, if it weren’t a bit on the pricey side (entrees ranging from $19 to $30) I would find myself there more often than what I can imagine!

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