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The bottom line: Beautiful patio, not so sure about the service

I am back!! From a very long long hiatus due to my real life job, but I am finally back! I can’t stress enough how much I have missed writing for the blog and pouring out to my hearts content all of what I have to say regarding my latest restaurant outings. But alas, this particular blog post will not be very lengthy as my visit to Philosopher’s Stone was a couple of weeks ago.

If you haven’t caught on to it yet I am a big proponent of getting together during 1/2 off wine nights. Philosopher’s Stone happens to have 1/2 wine on Wednesdays so I was more than willing to meet a friend there for dinner. One of the things that attracts me the most to this restaurant is their patio (and by now you probably are aware of how much I love patios!). It is relatively big and decorated with lights which give it that tranquil summer night vibe every time they are on at night time. Also, you can bring your dog to the patio area which is great for all animal lovers. There are various tables and benches where you can sit while looking out to the cars and pedestrians walking by 7th and Caswell Rd. The patio alone is a huge plus for this place, especially if what you are looking to do is kick back, enjoy the nice weather, and indulge in a few cold brews (or a lot…to each their own).

Although I have been to Philosopher’s Stone a couple of times I never had actually gone for their food. However, on this occasion I was particularly starving and drinking wine under those circumstances would not have been the smartest thing to do! Their menu has your standard appetizers and it appears they are mainly focused on sandwiches and wraps although they offer a couple of entree meals as well. During my visit I decided to go with one of their sandwiches called the Bayou Lena. This sandwich is made up of cajun spiced turkey, sauteed onions, tomatoes, jalapeno, mushrooms and goat cheese. Also, for my side I went with the french fries. Overall the food was good. Mainly your typical fare from a bar. The sandwich had a lot of deli meat although not as spicy as I would have thought it would be given that it had Cajun spices and jalapenos. The sauteed veggies made the sandwich juicy which is great given the typical dry nature of the deli turkey meat. Something that I did love about the sandwich was the addition of the goat cheese. It formed a huge contrast against all the other ingredients due to its creaminess. It also provided a refreshing undertone to the hint of spiciness that you did taste from the jalapeno. The french fries were not bad either. They were big and thick although not as crispy as I usually prefer them. The wine we had was OK. Definitely not the best I’ve had by all means but what else can be expected from 1/2 price wine nights. For the most part restaurants are restrictive on which wines they put on the 1/2 off list so it’s hard to find really good wines at this deal.

Although Philosopher’s Stone has great things going for them I will say that prompt service is not one of them. If you have short patience and want your food within reasonable time then you will find yourself very frustrated at this establishment. The service is not the fastest as it took well over 30 minutes for us to get our order taken and then another good amount of time to get actually served. Also, this was not my first time experiencing this and other friends that have gone at different times have commented on this type of service as well. I would say Philosopher’s Stone is a great place to go and enjoy drinks but I would think it over if I wanted to go someplace hungry and ready for a meal.

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