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The bottom line: I found the food… surprising

Cosmos Cafe has been around Uptown Charlotte for quite some time now (they also have a Ballantyne location). In the grand scheme of things you will have to admit this is a feat given that there are many restaurants that have opened up and then closed in this section of town almost with the blink of an eye. However, I’ll honestly say that my experience with Cosmos before my last visit had not been a culinary one at all. I have been to Cosmos plenty of times but only when the tables have been cleared and there is a dance floor. So when one of my friends suggested that we meet there for dinner I was a bit perplexed. I surely did not know anything about them food wise! Granted I did know that they are a restaurant that later turns into a dance hall/bar, but the two things just didn’t equate with me. Regardless I channeled my positive attitude and off we went to catch up over wine and food at Cosmos.

One of the things that brought us to Cosmos is that on Fridays they have 1/2 priced bottles/glasses of wine. What girls don’t catch up over wine, right? So far so good. We got to Cosmos around 8 PM and although there is a sign that says to wait for the hostess to sit you we didn’t see anyone there. My friend and I waited for a couple of minutes in case someone showed up but finally had to walk up to the actual restaurant area so that someone could see us and give us a table. Surprisingly the restaurant was very empty so I am not sure what could have been the problem there.

Once seated I looked at their dinner menu and realized it is very eclectic. They have everything from sandwiches, burgers, hummus, seafood, pizzas, and salads. Despite the varied offering the menu isn’t extensive. I wasn’t overly hungry so I opted to go with something out of their “Mezes” section. I ordered the Mini Quesadilla which comes with grilled chicken, mushrooms, caramelized onions, pico de gallo, and black bean salsa. As stated, I wasn’t sure what to expect so I just drank some wine while the food arrived (and it did take some time to arrive). Once I did get to eating, however, I was pleasantly surprised. For one, the mini quesadilla was a decent size and for the $6 that it was I thought it was more than a good deal. The quesadilla itself was actually quite good. The chicken had the chargrilled taste and it had a lot of flavor and was juicy. It seems also like the onions and mushrooms were sauteed and they were quite delicious as well. The bean salsa and pico de gallo are served on the side so I took little tidbits and added them to the quesadilla. I loved this combination since it gave the quesadilla more juice and savor with every bite. In all seriousness when it comes to the quesadilla I will give Cosmos good points!

My friend ordered the Smokey Chicken Pizza which is made of BBQ chicken, caramelized onions, and gouda cheese. The serving is also a good size and she ended taking some of it home. I tasted a piece of the pizza and it seemed quite good also. In regards to the wine we first tried to order one of their red wines and unfortunately they were out 🙁 However, maybe this was a good thing after all because we went with one of their Riesling and it was absolutely delicious. It was sweeter in nature but paired great with the food that we ordered. It was served chilled and between my friend and I the bottle rendered about 2 1/2 glasses each. Not a bad deal after all!

My experience at Cosmos taught me not to disregard a place entirely just because I associate it with something else. That old adage of never judge a book by it’s cover surely comes to mind! I won’t necessarily say that I was blown away by it. However, rest assured that whenever I feel like having 1/2 priced wine on a Friday night now I know what place to keep in mind!

P.S. If you do go to eat there later at night keep in mind that it does turn into a dance area around 10 PM so more than likely you will feel rushed to eat fast, especially when the dancing crowd starts coming in.

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