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Cuisine: American/Bar Food
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The bottom line: Traditional bar fare to eat before or after a night out

A concert at the neighborhood theater brought me recently to NoDa and subsequently to Jack Beagles. I had been to this establishment before but just had drinks so I was looking forward to seeing what it had to offer in regards to food. My review will be brief though as I only had a small appetizer while I was there. I know, I should be making more sacrifices and eating more for the sake of the blog for crying out loud! Please forgive me for this time 🙂 I promise I’ll be back for more real food next time I am in NoDa.

I want to talk about Jack Beagles for a little bit though because from the outside it can be dismissed pretty easily by someone passing through. It’s facade is very simple and there is one large window letting you see inside. However, once you step inside it’s another different story. You will first see the bar to your left and tables to the right. However, if you keep going straight through you will be led to a large outdoor patio with another bar area. The patio itself is pretty and spacious. Plus, I love patios during the summer time! Another thing that I want to mention about Jack Beagles is that on Fridays and Saturdays the kitchen is open until 3:30 AM. You read right, on both these days you can get anything from their menu until 3:30 AM. I don’t know about you, but to me that’s wonderful news especially when you get hungry after a night out.

So now about the food. I had stuffed myself that whole day so I was looking to eat something light before the concert. I opted to go with the Fried Mushrooms. There is really no science to this dish. It was portobello mushrooms covered in batter and then fried and served with horseradish sauce. Let me start by saying that the sauce was good and added tartness to the mushrooms. To me the mushrooms were a bit greasy but that’s bar food for you, it’s supposed to be greasy for a purpose right? 😉 I did like though that the mushrooms were fairly big and it was a good sized order. I am not sure if I would order these again though if I had the chance.

My friend who I went to the concert with did order a very enticing dish…the Bear Burger. The burger is two meat patties topped with bacon and served with waffle fries. Actually my mouth waters just looking at the picture and I wish I would have ordered something like this instead. No, I didn’t get to try any of it but be certain that it will remain on my radar for the next time I find myself at Jack Beagles.

The service itself was good also. I do have one gripe though and that is that we weren’t given any utensils with our meals. That should be second nature though so I am not sure what happened there. The place wasn’t packed for a Sunday night and our meals came out pretty quickly and of course I was happy about that. I won’t discount going back to Jack Beagles based on my appetizer alone. It has a good bar atmosphere and like I said that burger looked sooo good and the fries crispy! If you are in the vicinity I’d recommend to give it a try at least once. If not at least pay it a visit after 2:00 AM when you know you are desperately looking for a place that is still serving food!
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