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Cuisine: American/Breakfast

The bottom line: Good breakfast food plain and simple

It looks like I have been recently on a discovery kick and this time it was brought on by a visit to The Original Pancake House to catch up on life with a friend of mine. After all these years in Charlotte I apparently missed the memo on the fact that this restaurant is a Charlotte staple for breakfast food. In fact, we went to OPH during a Sunday morning and it already had a line of people waiting outside the door. Thankfully a table for two didn’t have that much of wait time so we stuck around until it was our turn to be seated.

The menu at OPH is made up of your typical fare such as omelets, crepes, waffles, pancakes (of course!), french toast, and more. They switch up their menu though by offering different varieties of these and something else called the Dutch Baby pancake which is an oven baked pancake. During my visit to OPH I opted to go light on the carbs and instead settled for a sausage omelet. My friend was really raving about the crepes so she went with the mandarin crepes. I felt my dish was really not as exciting as hers but every once in a while I think it’s OK for me to play it safe, right?

Before we were served my friend and I kicked off our conversation over some delicious coffee. The first thing I noticed was the cute little mugs the coffee was served in…sorry I’m a sucker for these things! Finally our order of food came to the table and I dove right in because what is a starving girl to do. My omelet was simple as it was only the eggs and pieces of sausages mixed into it. The order of omelets also come with three pancakes but by the time I was done I really didn’t have room for them. The omelet was of a decent size but standard by all means. I don’t think this necessarily speaks of the restaurant itself but mainly of what I ordered. There’s only so much you can do with eggs and sausage right? I did like it though and thought it was a hearty meal for a Sunday morning that would definitely keep me full for the next couple of hours.

My friend Vivian was kind of enough to let me taste some of the crepes she ordered and these were very tasty. Her meal was also big since it brought three crepes, sausage links, and scrambled eggs. I think OPH knows that breakfast is the most important meal of the day based on the size of their servings 😉 The crepes came topped with pieces of mandarin and the crepes themselves were light and fluffy. Whenever I go to OPH again I will keep these in mind!

Overall I thought The Original Pancake House was a cool place to enjoy some typical breakfast food and just chill while having a good conversation. The service was good and I do have to say that even though the place was super packed and there was a line out the door the staff did a good job at refilling our coffee and at moving the people along the list. I typically enjoy simple breakfast meals so I was satisfied with what I ate. I will say that if you do plan on going to OPH you do it early in the morning so as to avoid the long waits.

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