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The bottom line: Quaint coffee shot with a lot of charm!

I often find myself caught in a conundrum whenever I go to a coffee shop. You see, at one point in time I was an avid coffee drinker. In fact, during my college heydays I’d be known to down a venti (20 oz) coffee absolutely every single day. I have come a long way since then and about a couple of years ago decided to give up coffee (gasps! I know). I’ll be realistic here and admit that I haven’t completely given it up and do indulge in some caffeine every once in a blue moon. I do come from a coffee drinking family after all. I’m referencing my little story because a lot of times people think that coffee shops are mainly for coffee drinkers and the reality is something completely different. In fact, most coffee shops these days offer many many options for the non-coffee drinkers. Drip Coffee in Columbia, SC is one of those places.

Recently I went on a brief excursion to the city down south (from Charlotte that is) and decided to try out a new place so I could blog about it. Cola has a special place in my heart so I’m always looking to see what else I encounter during these visits. Drip coffee has two locations but the one I went to is located in the heart of 5 points (aka the college students hang out spot). Once inside I have to say that the coffee shop has a lot of charm. It has a welcoming yet rustic feeling where the only thing missing is a fireplace. Lined against the left hand side are wooden tables and to the right you will find the counter area with seats for anyone who wants to sit there. I have to say I was a little confused at the beginning because I didn’t see a sign that said where you could order. But I played it cool and finally saw that it was at the counter after all. Oh something else that I’ll mention is that the wall behind the counter is lined with shelves filled with mugs and different types of teapots and coffee drippers. All adding to the decor of course!

Despite being at a place that specializes in drip brewing I stuck to my non-coffee commitment and opted to order a hot chocolate. I wanted something warm being that it was cold outside and this proved to be a great choice! The hot chocolate was served with whipped cream on top and a chocolate stick on the side. I thoroughly enjoyed my chocolate and the best part was that it didn’t feel like it was just water added to swiss miss! It was rich in taste but not that sweet. My only gripe about it was that it wasn’t hot enough for me. It wasn’t cold but on a freezing day I like my beverages a little bit warmer than usual.

Besides the hot chocolate I also ordered one of their breakfast options which consisted of non fat yogurt, bananas, granola, sliced almonds, and raisins. I thought that the serving size was generous. I also saw that it was being prepared at that moment and there is nothing better than knowing that your fruit is fresh! The yogurt had a tart taste and it was great because it was a huge contrast to the sweetness of everything else (the dish is also drizzled with honey). The bananas were ripe and the granola itself was very simplistic (just oats). I enjoyed this because I believe if it were those type of granolas with added sugar, dried fruits, etc then it would throw this dish to overly sweet. I will do a PSA and say that drinking hot chocolate and then having yogurt with fruit and honey is probably not the best idea. I felt like I had a sugar rush for a good minute!

Even though drip coffee is located in 5 points it has a varied clientele base. While there I didn’t only see college students, but also young professionals and older customers just hanging out. I enjoyed being there because it seemed like a really cool spot. Oh and the picture of Steven Spielberg you see? It’s what they give you while you wait for your order to be brought to the table. For a brief moment I could see a place like Drip being somewhere in NoDa. It definitely has that relaxed atmosphere that other establishments in this section of Charlotte seem to have.

Despite going to Cola on a rainy and cold day I was glad that Drip became part of that trip. It was a great find and I am ready to go back again. Maybe this time I’ll be a rebel and opt for a cup of coffee after all 😉

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