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Cuisine: Mediterranean
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The bottom line: My new favorite place!

I am really excited to tell you all about this place because it’s one of those new discoveries that really takes you by surprise and you can’t believe how you didn’t know about it earlier! However, I won’t take credit for discovering Kabab Je as it was one of my coworkers who actually did the research and picked this as his restaurant of choice for our team to go to for his birthday lunch. Kudos for that!

Kabab Je is a Mediterranean restaurant located in Matthews. From the outside it looks like a small place but once you go in the restaurant it is more spacious than what you would think. It also has an outside patio which would be great to go to and hang out at during the spring and cooler summer days. Inside the restaurant has various tables and a middle area with display cases of both desserts and already made kebabs and other dishes. Mediterranean music can be heard through the speakers making you shake your shoulders to the beat 🙂 I like this restaurant already!

For the meal we first started with an appetizer of hummus and pita bread. The word that immediately comes to mind is fresh! The bread was taken right off the oven and it was still hot and puffy, definitely not the pita bread I was expecting. The hummus was also delicious. Likewise I would describe it as fresh and smooth and so yummy! You could taste the zest from the lemon juice that they more than likely used to make it. I felt there was also not that much tahini in the hummus as I am not the biggest fan of it and I could taste some traces of it but not overwhelmingly so. I honestly could not get enough of the hummus and pita bread! I would go back just for that.

Another appetizer that we tried was the tabbouleh which is a traditional Lebanese salad made from parsley, tomatoes, onions, mint, crushed wheat, lemon and olive oil. The tabbouleh was also amazing! It was very light to eat and savory at the same time. The parsley was very finely chopped and the salad was topped with the pieces of onion and tomato. I was a little apprehensive about the salad since parsley has such a distinctive taste but it wasn’t the case. The lemon juice brought out all the flavors of the other ingredients and they all made such a great combination in your mouth.

Although the menu of Kabab Je is not extremely extensive I really had a hard time picking what to eat because I wanted a little bit of everything! In order not to stress myself out over a choice I decided to choose one thing and stick to it. The dish I ended up going with was the Spicy Armenian Sausage Sandwich. The sandwich is actually served with the sausages, pickles, and a tomato based sauce all wrapped in pita bread. My oh my this sandwich was heavenly! The sausages were indeed spicy but they were also very meaty. What stands out about the sausages were also their freshness. You could tell from their consistency and taste that they were not overly processed. In fact I want to say that the sausages are house made, so what is there not to like about that! The pickles were a great contrast to the spiciness of the sausage. They provided that citrusy taste that cut into the heat as well as a change in texture from all the other ingredients of the sandwich. The pita bread was so light and after I finished my sandwich I did not feel one bit guilty for eating absolutely all of it in record time 😉

The consensus in the group was that everyones’ dishes were so tasty! I think Kabab Je is doing something very right and I can’t wait to go back and try more of their foods. Oh and yeah next time I’ll make sure I leave enough room for dessert because those looked delicious as well!

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