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The bottom line: Not sure if a salad was enough to convince me to come back, but the corn salsa yes!

If you are a follower of Diner, Drive In’s, and Dives then you must have seen that Cabo Fish Taco was a featured restaurant in that Food Network show. I had been to Cabo Fish a couple of years ago but could hardly remember how I felt about the food when I was there. At work there recently was a dinner organized to go to one of the restaurants featured in triple D and Cabo Fish came out to be the most popular vote.

Thankfully since there was a large group of us going there was a reservation made so at least we knew we had a table. But sadly since Charlotte traffic can be horrible during peak hours each person from our party came in at different times and there had to be at least six of us before we could be seated. Is this a common restaurant rule? Not sure, but I could understand it more if there was an actual sitting area where people could wait until everyone else arrived.

Once seated the first thing brought to our table were chips and salsa. My favorite! I mean, you all know that I can live off chips and salsa by now right? I really liked the one at Cabo’s because it wasn’t your typical salsa roja (tomato salsa). It was tomatoes, mixed with corn, and other ingredients like onions, lime, and cilantro. It was a different approach than other restaurants and it works. The chips were also crunchy and of course not too oily (if you’ve read past posts where we talk about chips and salsa then you know oily chips are such a turn off!). I was starving at this point so I won’t lie, I pretty much went straight for these and feel like I ate most of the basket myself. I’m positive my co-workers sharing the basket with me didn’t get a fair share. They did bring some more though so that eased my conscience a little bit!

Since I had stuffed myself with chips and salsa (I’ll let you in a little secret..I also ate 2 donuts that day) I wanted something much lighter for my dinner. I opted to go with their Diablo Shrimp salad because I know if I had ordered something else from their menu I would have been extra stuffed. The salad is made up of shrimp and pineapple chunks grilled with a mango BBQ sauce and served over fresh greens including tomato wedges, cucumber slices, red onions, green peppers, mushrooms, roasted red peppers, herbs, roasted pumpkin seeds. The homemade vinaigrette dressing is served on the side. For the most part a salad is a salad so there isn’t much detail to cover.

I started off by eating the shrimp and pineapple chunks. The shrimp skewer is made of 4 pieces of shrimp and pineapple. I thought the seasoning was good and it had a bit of spice to it. You could taste a little bit of the mango BBQ sauce but neither the shrimp nor pineapple were overwhelmingly covered in it. I had thought that since the salad is named Diablo Shrimp that there would have been a little bit more heat to the seasoning but I am not complaining there. The salad was of course a normal salad. The dressing wasn’t bad and it did have a freshness to it. I would have thought though that at least the pineapple would be distributed throughout the salad. It might make it a little more exciting since you would have more savor contrasts this way with each bite. Overall was I impressed? was a good salad, just not one that would bring me back especially when it’s $10.50. There are other dishes on the menu that are about the same price and looked more appealing.

Speaking of dishes you will find pictured above a couple of the taco offerings that Cabo Fish Taco does have. My coworkers ordered the beer batter shrimp taco, chicken taco, and salmon taco. The sides included the black beans and rice, baja rice, and the spicy avocado salad. Those who ordered these dishes said that they really liked them. The feedback I got was that the white cilantro sauce served over the tacos was spicy, that the baja rice had a hint of sweetness to it, and that the spicy avocado salad was definitely up there as well on the spiciness scale.

The atmosphere at Cabo is very lively and there were different groups of people this time I went. It has very cool decor and also a little patio that seems could be worth your time visiting during the summer months. Next time I visit the restaurant I will go for one of the taco offerings on their menu and skip the salad. Those actually looked enticing enough to make me come back to try them.
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