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Ana Says…

Bottom line: I still dream about the delicious burger I had at this restaurant!

I visited Atlanta several months ago with a friend. He had lived in Atlanta for a long time and knew exactly where to take his food obsessed friend. While we were visiting Decatur we stopped at Farm Burger for lunch. It was Friday and the restaurant was hopping. There was not a free table to be spotted. There was a long line to order but it was quickly moving. I studied the menu while I waited. I could create my own burger or chose from one of their pre-made selection. I chose to go with the latter.

My burger was a work of art. It was composed of grass fed beef, bacon pimento jam, arugula, and goat cheese. Go ahead and take a look at it.

It was beautiful and it was delicious. The combination of the bacon pimento jam and the goat cheese alone was an explosion of sweetness, saltiness, tanginess, and tart flavors. The meat itself was juicy despite the fact that I use to like it well done. I have to admit that this has changed since I have been in Europe. I have learned to appreciate a piece of meat that is served rare to medium (trust me when I tell you that this change happened more due to circumstances and language barriers!). If you follow this blog regularly than you know that I have been in Europe for the past couple of months for graduate school. Not to worry. I will be back in on more familiar grounds in a matter of months up to my usual foodie trouble. Until then be sure to check out our Food and Drinks Around the World section where you can see our international foodie discoveries and adventures.

At the time the burger I ordered was No. 5 on the menu. I see that this has changed on the online menu. Farm Burger does have a seasonal menu according to their website.
I hope this doesn’t mean that this burger won’t be back! I definitely look forward to trying this combination again.

For my side I ordered the slow cooked local greens.

It was ok. There wasn’t a lot of taste or flavor to it. I should have told the little voice in my head to stop nagging and let me go all out. My friend ordered the sweet potato fries and I missed out on life. Really I did. The sweet potato fries are definitely a must at Farm Burger. They are sweet, not greasy, and provide the comfort and goodness that only sweet potato fries can provide.

Although it has been months since I visited Farm Burger I can still taste the flavorful combinations that assaulted my palate. I am very excited to know that they have opened a location in Asheville, NC. Although this is still a couple of hours away it is more accessible than making the trek to Atlanta. Which will inevitably happen as ATL is a foodie heaven.

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