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Ana Says…

The bottom line: Good food indeed!

I had heard a lot about Good Food on Montford before I had the chance to visit. Many of my friends had eaten there and they absolutely raved about it. I must say that I had really high expectations as I headed into the restaurant on a sunny Friday evening. I was meeting a friend there and it was still early. I walked into a really crowded restaurant without an empty table. Luckily my friend got there before me and snagged a high table by the bar area.

The restaurant itself is not really big. It has a bar along one wall, high top tables in that space, and regular tables in the rest of the space. I would recommend sitting towards the back as there was a lot of traffic while sitting in the high tops near the bar. Their parking lot is also very small so chances are that you will be parking elsewhere. This is common for all of the restaurants and bars in the Montford area.

The restaurant menu is served tapas style. To be honest, although I love going to a restaurant and trying many different things, the selfish foodie in me is not a big fan of the tapas eating style. Why? Because as I have admitted many times on this blog I am a pig and when I am hungry I want a plate full of food. I find that I either eat too much with tapas or not enough. Plus eating tapas can get pricey! At Good Food, I would say that two to three plates would be enough to satisfy hunger. Just keep in mind that their dishes range from $6-12 each as of the time of this posting.

To start I had coffee (I was avoiding alcohol for the evening. I am sorry to disappoint!) and my friend had a glass of wine or two. As a starter Good Food offers complimentary bread.

It was warm and delicious and we had lots of olive oil and balsamic vinegar to dip it in (Any place serving free warm bread is a winner for me!)

For our first dish my friend and I got the Parmesan gnocchi which is served with chicken sausage, mushrooms, peas and cream.  

I really enjoyed the flavors in this dish. It had a slight kick and the potato dumplings were very soft. 

For our second dish we had the Steamed bun which is an Asian inpired dish. This dish is made with five spice rubbed pork belly, hoisin & pickled vegetables served in a dough that looks like a thick flat bread. I really enjoyed the bread it was served on but found the pork belly to be too fatty.

For our last dish, we had the Roasted shrimp arepas. This dish had shrimp served over red cabbage slaw & chipotle BBQ sauce. I loved this dish because the sauce was delicious! It’s hard to go wrong with chipotle BBQ sauce. I only wish they dish had been bigger!

I must say that I expected a little more after so many rave reviews. I am not done with Good Food though. I intend to go back and try some of their other delicious looking creations!

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