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The bottom line: You can do no wrong ordering a pizza from Luisa’s!

Lately it appears as if I have been on an Italian food kick. But honestly can you blame me? There is that little disclaimer in the About Us section where I do state that Italian is one of my favorite food ever…EVER!! Well along with sushi and sweets. I have a lot of favorite foods 😉 Yes, I know Italian food is carbs based but it is my guilty pleasure, one that always leaves me feeling very very happy…it must be the carbs!

If I had to pick one Italian dish that I gravitate to often it would have to be pizza. I have always liked it and have no shame in saying that yes I can eat many many slices in one sitting. Sometimes I feel guilty and sometimes I don’t. I have stated before that I am very particular about my pizza. I will indulge sometimes in the heavily sauce centric pizzas with your standard toppings and thick dough but nothing rocks my world more than pizza that truly sticks more to the traditional Italian Neapolitan style (thin crust, small amounts of sauce, cheesy, tasty toppings). After all the best pizza is often attributed to Naples and it is believed that actually that’s where pizza originated. But enough about that…let me tell you about my favorite pizza place in Charlotte so far!

Luisa’s is a small Italian restaurant located near Montford Drive. If you didn’t expressively go looking for it you would probably miss it as it’s located in the upstairs section of a little walk up building. Inside the restaurant is decorated with scenes from vineyards in a typical Italian restaurant way. It is also very family friendly since on the multiple times I have gone I have seen families and little league teams dinning there. They don’t have any huge signage but they do guard one of best treasures…truly delicious pizza baked in a brick oven. I have been to Luisa’s multiple times before and even though they have a wide range menu of Italian food I have always just gotten pizza. I know eventually I will need to go back and try their other food but for now I am very happy with the one and only food choice I make when I go.

Over the weekend I got a to go order of two different kind of pizzas. One was my own creation of pepperoni and Italian sausage.

The other one was one of their specialty pizza’s called “Milano”. It has artichoke hearts, prosciutto, mushrooms, black olives, and of course mozzarella cheese. They were both out of this world. The crust was thin and crispy. Of course there were some little burnt edges but such can be expected when cooking a pizza in a brick oven. Because there isn’t a lot of sauce you really can savor all of the toppings with every bite you take. The Italian sausage for sure won me over. I wasn’t sure what to expect and thought I would get your typical sausage slices but that was not the case. It appears that for the pizza you get the inside of the sausage sprinkled over your pie. The prosciutto in the Milano pizza was equally as tasty. They were relatively big pieces and were they good! Both pizzas were cheesy and you could savor that distinctive mozzarella taste. I really don’t have artichoke hearts much but I thought they were a great addition. They provided the pizza with a different texture and complemented the prosciutto. Mushrooms and black olives are always a standard whenever I get pizza so there is nothing bad I can say about those choices here either.

I confess I ate four slices in one sitting. And then I took some more the next day to work for my lunch…Will I return to Luisa’s? You betcha!
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