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Ana Says…

The bottom line: There is indeed beauty (and nobility) in a well-made sandwich

You know that Austin trip I keep talking about? Yeah, well this was yet another restaurant we visited. You can’t just go to a foodie heaven like Austin and not spend the whole weekend eating spectacular food! This time we found ourselves at a very popular sandwich shop. The Noble Pig is a restaurant that has appeared in several TV shows. Their popular sandwiches have been contenders on national lists. I believe it was featured in Man vs. Food. It was a little out of the way but we certainly were not going to skip out.

For lunch I had the Noble Pig sandwich (how could I not! I needed to find out what their main sandwich was all about!)

The sandwich was made with soft pulled pork, spicy ham, really crispy bacon, provolone cheese, and mustard. I loved it all. The bread was whole grain and had oats on the edge. The combination of the pork, with the ham, mustard, and bacon made for a protein heavy but spicy combination. It was crisp yet soft at the same time. As delicious as the Noble Pig was, I had to try the beef tongue.  The beef tongue sandwich comes with smoked green onions, red pepper relish and aioli. Two of my friends ordered it and I just sat there hoping that someone would offer a bite. It was only a matter of time ;)…and wow…don’t let the beef tongue put you off trying this baby. It was the most tender and soft piece of beef that I have ever had.

The sandwiches are served with chips but if you want additional sides they will have to be ordered separately. I ordered the jalapeño coleslaw. I loved that it was very light on the dressing. I could actually taste the vegetables in it rather then the version that is served at many restaurants which feels like more dressing than anything. The jalapeño added a nice kick. I actually ended up adding some of my coleslaw to the sandwich. The cashier recommended this to me and I was glad I did it. It gave the sandwich a fresher touch from the veggies if the amount of meat overwhelms you.

The whole time we were there, the line was out the door and every seat was taken. It was past lunchtime and it was hopping. I wouldn’t be surprised if it stays that way from opening to closing time. Other noteworthy items are their selections of deli, pastries, soda (they have real coke in the glass bottle!) and Jamaica water (aka hibiscus water).

I am really envious of Austin residents while at the same time glad that I don’t live there. I don’t think that I could stop visiting until I tried every single sandwich on their menu. And then I would keep coming back until I get tired of my favorites, which I think would be impossibility.

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