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The bottom line: This restaurant has a little bit of everything. Some options sound tempting enough that I know I’ll soon go back for another visit!

By now it is no mystery to my co-workers that I enjoy talking about food I eat during my spare time and they are actually very supportive of the blog 🙂 Hence, this has led to 9 times out of 10 me suggesting places to eat whenever we go out for our monthly team dinner. These outings are not only a  good excuse to hang out and talk about non work related stuff but also to check out more places where to dine! For anyone who has ever been given this task you know it’s a stressful one. Not only you have to pick a place to eat but you also have to make sure it satisfies everyone’s taste. If it doesn’t then you will have an angry group of people!! And of course the worst part is that you have to see them again the next day :/ Just kidding! Thankfully my team members are forgiving.

For our latest dinner outing one of my suggestions was to go to Pinky’s Westside Grill and luckily for me everyone was on board. Yay!! Pinky’s is located in West Morehead Street, not too far away from Uptown Charlotte (or Center City or Downtown Charlotte or however you want to call it). Based on some investigative work by one of my coworkers this location actually used to be an auto repair shop that just worked on Volkswagons. This is probably the reason why you see the VW on top of the restaurant. You can also tell from the inside that it used to have more of an industrial use and was not always a restaurant. Inside you will see all types of colorful paraphernalia ranging from wrestlers, to NASCAR, to musicians. I think the décor only adds to the very nature of Pinky’s as it’s not only eclectic in their esthetics but also in their menu.

Pinky’s is that type of restaurant where you will find a little bit of everything. Here you won’t only get burgers, hot dogs, popcorn chicken, but also Mediterranean dishes like falafel, and pita sandwiches. For dinner our group started off by ordering an appetizer called Crab Puppies. These offer a unique take on your traditional hush puppies since they also incorporate crab meat. Now you know I am a sucker for seafood so I was extra excited to see these on the menu. I also thought it was very unique of them to do this as I have not seen such an option in many restaurant menus. To me the crab puppies were delicious. They were fried to where they had a deliciously crunchy outer shell but were soft and full of flavor inside. When you bit into one the dough was soft and tasty. It also wasn’t too dense as many hush puppies can turn out to be. Something else to note is that the seafood flavor wasn’t that strong. This is great for many people who don’t like seafood but are willing to try something different. In fact, my manager Valerie said she really liked them and would order again despite the fact that she’s not a seafood fan. Also, if you do get these ask for sauce on the side. We had them with both ranch and tartar sauce and they really took the crab puppies to another level!

For my main dish I ended up eating two things thanks to the ingenuity of splitting two sandwiches and sharing 🙂 One of the sandwiches I tried was the Grilled Greek Pita. It consisted of provolone and feta cheese, tomato, black olives and oregano, and you had the option to add chicken or bacon. For mine I had it with chicken. The sandwich is served on pita which makes it light, especially since all the other ingredients are on the  healthier side as well. The main component here was the chicken and there was lots of it! It seemed to be sparsely seasoned but that didn’t take away from it being tasty at all and juicy. I would say it had salt and pepper but I found it good. For my other dish I had the falafel. So here you will have to excuse me but I don’t know how it completely escaped my mind to take a picture of it! For those of you who might not know falafel is a Middle Eastern food in the shape of small balls made out of ground chickpeas plus other spices. It is deep fried and usually served with pita bread. In this case the falafel also had lettuce, deal pickles, and tahini. This was my first occasion trying falafel so I definitely found it interesting. I thought the texture of it was different as the chickpeas are still a little hard since they can’t be soft or you will have mush falafel! I enjoyed this dish although I also found it a little dry. I wish I would have ordered it with hummus and see if this might have changed it a little. However, out of the two I tried, I will have to say that the chicken Grilled Greek Pita was my favorite.

The rest of my coworkers wanted to relay that they also enjoyed their dishes very much. You also see pictured above the Big John which is a chicken sandwich, the Kinda Fried Turkey sandwich, and the Westside Randy. Of course, I have to hand the quote of the night to Valerie in her description of the Kinda Fried Turkey sandwich. She stated that it tasted like Thanksgiving dinner. Now doesn’t that make you want to give it a try! Overall I have to say that I know I am going to be back to Pinky’s. With options like Pimp’n fries (check online menu for the mouth watering description) you know you can’t limit it to just one visit!

Oh and P.S. just so you know, parking at Pinky’s is very limited so if you go during the busy hours expect to have a little bit of a walk as you will have to park across the street.

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