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The bottom line: I will be back!

One of the things that I like the most about writing for the blog is that most often there is some little story tied to my outings to the restaurants I go to. And as I sat here trying to figure out how can I start my review for Block & Grinder I realized that it was not due to an unexpected discovery or some go with the flow type visit. I actually made it a purpose to go to this restaurant because I had been hearing about it so much and for a long time. In actuality I think either Ana or I had decided to try it months ago but due to life the visit fell to way side. So my outing  to this restaurant was actually under normal circumstances which most often is just having dinner with a friend. However, these visits are also some of the greatest because if you go with an entertaining friend like I did you will not only have a great dinner but also great laughs!

The concept of Block & Grinder (from the farm to the table) is not a new one as it has been around for a couple of years. However, since they are a restaurant that focuses on dishes such  as steak and burgers, I did find interesting that this included having a butcher shop in house as well. Now I do have to say that I am a big proponent of knowing that my meals are made from scratch and that the ingredients come from local sources. I’ll blame this on a documentary I watched…I won’t tell you the name but I’ll let you guess. Hence, needless to say when I found out that Block & Grinder focused on these type of meals I was very excited to try it out.

Upon entering the restaurant I was greeted by a very cheerful and nice host. He showed us to our table and even pulled out the chair for me! (Hey, in this day and age I think you can agree with me that this can almost be considered a rarity) Our waiter was also very helpful and not only explained the concept of the restaurant but also went through the menu answering any question we might have had. He also provided suggestions about not only the dinner menu but the drinks menu as well. Something else that I noted is that he did not rush us at all. In typical girl fashion my friend and I sat and chatted away catching up with our lives before really taking a look at what we wanted to eat. Yes, I know…we are one of those. The restaurant is not very big and also has what seemed to me an open floor plan except for some booths located towards the back.

Now I have to say that one of the things that I did before my outing there was to look at their menu online. I really was undecided as to what I wanted to try because it just seemed like there were so many things I could go for! I love charcuterie and was excited to see that they have different offerings of it. I was also leaning towards a burger. However, when I saw a picture of their “Steak Frites” it pretty much made up my mind for me. One thing though…don’t ask me how I made the connection between Steak Frites and their menu item “Flank Steak and Pommes Frites”, the latter being what I actually ordered because I didn’t see the Steak Frites option on the menu.

The Flank Steak and Pommes Frites is comprised of flank steak (seasoned with a dry rub) and French fries. I know I will disappoint a lot of true steak aficionados when I say I was feeling like ordering it well done (I can hear you sighing as we speak). Although I know the star of the dish is the steak I want to say that the French fries really took me by surprise. They were crispy, and hot, and delicious! They comprised a good size serving and believe me when I say I didn’t leave one on the plate. The steak was also good. Of course this is speaking from the well done stand point. The only thing about it that I would say is that I could have used a little bit more seasoning to it. But as with any good and fresh cut of meat, in reality there is not much seasoning needed because the meat itself is juicy and full of flavor. And even though my meat was well done it still had juicy parts (can you believe it!?).

The other star of the night was the cocktail I ordered. It’s called the snow bird and has New Amsterdam Vodka, Blood Orange, and Italian Soda. When I saw Italian soda I actually thought it might be sweet but it was quite the opposite. The cocktail had a little zest to it which made it quite refreshing. It was garnished with some slices of strawberry and was pretty strong. My friend ordered the same drink and said she also liked it a lot. I think we were both surprised it had a good amount of vodka!

Also pictured you will find the salad my friend ordered. It was made of seasonal vegetables and a vinaigrette. My friend’s comment was that it was your normal standard salad but that she wasn’t too fond of the tomatoes.

Overall, I would say that I enjoyed my visit to Block & Grinder. I am not sure if the “Steak Frites” is not part of their menu anymore but if it were up to me I would add it back again because the picture on the website looked so enticing it definitely convinced me to want to try it. I will for sure be back because there are a lot more menu items I would love to try!
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