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The bottom line: Good place for a quick, fresh, on the go meal!

If you have read our previous posts than you know that Maria and I are big fans of the food trucks. There is just something about walking into a food truck rally and going from truck to truck perusing the options. Not only that, but I get the chance to experience so many different cuisines in one spot if I wanted. Common sense keeps me from doing that most of the time but it is definitely a possibility if I chose to do so.

On a weekend visit to Atlanta, one of my friends suggested a food truck park for lunch after an epic tubing adventure. It was a rainy day but we decided to brave it anyway. This particular spot in Atlanta is a dedicated food truck park. It is located in the West Buckhead/Hollow Mill area of ATL. On any given day you can drop by and find a rotation of food trucks. They have a separate seating area with picnic tables and a DJ.

Colorful umbrellas adorn the picnic tables and provide shade and shelter. As you walk through the food trucks you will see a canopy of lights adding to the atmosphere.

A quick stroll through the food truck section and I found myself debating between King of Pops (for dessert of course), pizza, BBQ, Indian, Filipino, meatballs, smoothies, ice cream, pretzels, cupcakes, wraps trucks, and Grilldabeast. And that’s just from what I can remember. I wanted to try it all (darn the calories in food!) but alas I wanted a wrap and so I ended up going back and forth between the other wrap truck and Grilladabest. I ended up going for Grilladabest because I love shawarma. I spent some time in Turkey and anytime time I see Mediterranean dishes I tend to pick them over anything else around.

As I mentioned, I decided to go with the Chicken Shwarma for my meal. This dish is composed of grilled chicken, tzatziki, mediterranean salsa, lettuce, and fetta served on a warm pita.

You can see from the picture how fresh everything looks. The combination of ingredients was just what I needed after a rainy morning tubing. The ingredients were fresh and it was the perfect combo of warmth and cold of the veggies. There were little pieces of onions and other spices thrown in as well. It was filling but not in such a way that induced a comma. I honestly could have made room for more. Another friend ordered the same and he raved about it.

I only wish that Grilladabest was in Charlotte so that I could try their other dishes more often. Alas I will have something to look forward to when I go back. Although I have to say that with so many food truck options there I will definitely struggle!

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