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The bottom line: Great service but I expected much more from my food

A recent outing with a friend of mine and her precious baby led me to finally trying out Moe’s Original BBQ, a newly opened restaurant in downtown Matthews. If you read our piece on Midwood Smokehouse then you might know that when I wrote that I was still relatively new to the BBQ scene and learning all about the sauces and other good stuff like that. Basically that was my introduction into the BBQ world…and boy would I like to think that I have come a long way. A couple visits to other BBQ joints and a trip to Tennessee have opened my eyes to what else is out there when it comes to BBQ. So I now report on Moe’s armed with taste buds that have savored some really yummy food.

Moe’s is housed in what was once Pure Taqueria. For the most part they have kept the décor the same with a little outside sitting section near the entrance of the restaurant, basic seating throughout the restaurant, and a little bar area with two TVs by a wall that divides one side of the restaurant from the other. Please note that Moe’s is not a traditional sit down restaurant. Upon entering you have to go to the register where you order your food. You then are given a number and the order will be brought over to you when it’s ready. You are also responsible for going to the drink fountain and getting your own drink.

I would highly like to commend the girl that was at the register that day. She was very amicable and cheerful to everyone that came into the restaurant and went up to her to place their order. I was able to notice this first hand since I sat at the bar waiting for my friend and it happened to be right next to where the register is located. While I waited she also was very patient in providing information to me about the menu, what the special side items were, and how I could mix and match certain sides if I ordered the platter option that they have. I must say that this all occurred before I ordered my food so I was hoping that it too would be a pleasant surprise.

For my food choice I ordered the BBQ platter with a side of white bean chicken chili, mac and cheese, and cornbread. I started off with the white bean chicken chili and must say that I thought it was good. It was spicy and the white beans were well cooked. There were small pieces of chicken and they were not bad either. I then moved on to the mac and cheese. To me it was just a pretty standard mac and cheese. It had normal amounts of cheese and I really couldn’t pick out anything special or flavorful that would make me think it was out of the ordinary. Next I finally got to the BBQ. I also thought it was pretty standard. To me it lacked somewhat of a flavor and I tasted no trace of your typical BBQ smokiness. The flavor that I did get in the meat was what provided by the BBQ sauce. However, as you can see, the sauce is poured over the BBQ for you. So unless you take the time to evenly distribute it yourself you will have to do with just getting sauce on the pieces of meat it was poured over. I lastly tried the cornbread. The cornbread and the chili were probably the better part of my meal. The cornbread was sweet and soft. It also had traces of other ingredients such as onions and peppers. It had a distinctive taste but I am assuming that this was provided by the onions and other veggies that were mixed into it.

What can I say? Would I go out of my way to try Moe’s again? Probably not. I have come to expect much more from my BBQ and this time just didn’t quite cut it. My friend ordered the BBQ sandwich and she also mentioned that she wasn’t thoroughly impressed. At least for the time being I think that when I want my BBQ fix I will try to stick with some other places in the area.

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