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The bottom line: I wouldn’t mind paying it another visit just for the music and people watching!

Although Bubble has been opened for about a month or so I hadn’t really gone out of my way to go check it out. However, at a recent going away party (I’ve been having to attend a lot of those lately) I found myself visiting this new restaurant/lounge. My review is going to be based solely on the lounge aspect as I did not have the chance to order anything food wise during my stay. However, I will be back to try their food…it’s only fair.

As you many know I love to dance and Bubble is one of those places where you can groove to the music after certain hours when there aren’t that many diners eating anymore. The night that I went I really enjoyed the DJ and the music they were playing. It was your typical top 40 EDM mixes but nevertheless the songs were catchy and kept me moving around. I did not dance that night much to my dismay but I was having an interesting conversation so I was OK with it. It is a place that I would like to go back to and see what the dance scene is like.

One of the things that I did enjoy about Bubble that night was their outside patio. It is a little balcony area that looks out to the intersection of Trade and College. Seating the is limited so if you want to grab a chair and table then it is best to go early in the night as by the time I left that section was very crowded. One of the greatest things here too is that they have a bar right there so you don’t have to leave and go inside to get a drink. I was highly impressed with that and also the bar selection and bar area. I thought it looked pretty and was one of the things that first caught my eye. Something else that I liked about Bubble’s outside area is that it is prime real estate for people watching. Yeah, you know you do it too! I mean, you are facing Trade and College and see everything that goes on…need I say more?

The inside of Bubble is dimly lighted and has an interesting decor as well. It has a bar towards the left as you walk in and circular tables surrounding the middle of the floor. There is also a DJ booth towards the right and another bar area which is the same bar that connects with the outside patio. Something else worth mentioning is that one of their walls is covered with head shots of barbie dolls. This is something a lot of people have said to me that they found interesting. I am not exactly sure how the barbies tie in to the decor but I am no interior decorator so I will leave it at that! Ha!

Crowd wise you can expect your typical epicentre crowd. Your young professionals as well as some older people here and there. I feel that as time goes by I am deviating more from the club scene and more towards the lounge type places. I like going out and listening to music but at the same time I enjoy just sitting down with friends while having a drink and just discussing life 🙂 I think the outside patio of Bubble is perfect for this! You have the combination of sitting down and talking while still hearing the music that the DJ is playing inside. I think I’ll go back to Bubble for their food and to see how I feel about it a second time around. And who knows…I might even venture out into the dance floor this time around 😉

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