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The bottom line: I can’t wait to go back for more of ” The Local Dip”

I had been hearing about the Local Loaf for quite a bit now so I finally decided that it was time to pay it a visit. It was hard to get me to go as my job is a good distance from uptown Charlotte and the 7th street market but I knew that if I didn’t make it my duty to go try out their sandwiches on a weekend I would be missing out. And thank goodness I did go!

Local Loaf is located inside the 7th street market right in front of the last stop of the lynx station, thus making it very convenient if you decide to ride the light rail uptown. There is also a parking garage just above the market so you can park there as well. I went to Local Loaf with my mom on a Saturday around noon and there were plenty of people so expect a big crowd around this time. There are many other food establishments in the market so you might have to fight for seating if you decide to dine in. We were lucky that it was a breezy day and could find seating outside.

Local Loaf is a bakery that specializes in artisan bread, however, they also offer various sandwich offerings as well as brunch. For my visit I decided to go with the Cuban Sandwich while my mom ordered the Local Dip. The sandwiches also come with a side of either cucumber salad or chips. And of course I went with the chips.. 🙂 My Cuban Sandwich was made with roasted pork and honey glazed ham, pickled cucumbers, swiss cheese, and crispy fried pork rinds. Overall I can say that I enjoyed the sandwich. It was juicy so you can expect to get your hands dirty when you are picking it up to eat it. Yet, I am not complaining because it made the meat have moisture as opposed to being overly dry. The pork was seasoned with various herbs and the ham was flavorful as well. Ham is not necessarily my favorite meat of choice but I do have to say that this one was really good. It also had a smokiness to it which created an interesting flavor against the pork. I liked that the pickled cucumbers were just that and not pickles. Although I don’t mind pickles I liked how these still maintained that cucumber taste while still providing some vinegary flavor. The bread was also soft and good. The only thing that I would like to note is that even though it says that the sandwich contained crispy fried pork rinds I really couldn’t tell that they were in the sandwich. Maybe they were just finely chopped to where they blended in with the rest of the pork.

However, the Local Dip is perhaps my favorite of the two sandwiches. Being that I was having lunch with my mom I had no shame in telling her that I needed to eat some of her food. I even offered her part of mine in signs of being a reasonable person, but the thing about moms is that they are willing to give you part of their food without expecting anything in return 🙂 And don’t worry, I didn’t eat all of her sandwich, just a tiny bit. But I must tell you that even that tiny bit was enough to sway me over to being a Local Dip fan! This sandwich is made with red wine braised sirloin, with provolone and caramelized onions, served on a baguette. To me it was simply delicious. The meat was melt in your mouth tender. It was also seasoned but not so that you only taste the seasoning and not the flavor of the meat. The cheese and the onions were a great compliment to the sandwich as well. My mom said she really loved it. And believe me she is a difficult lady to please food wise. So I figured my conclusion that this was a great sandwich was not far off when she confirmed that this was one of the best sandwiches she has had also.

The chips that come with the meal were not bad either. I liked them because they were crisp and not oily at all. So it made me feel like I was eating healthier potato ships in some way. They don’t have salt though so it you prefer your chips a little bit saltier then these might not be your favorite. Overall I have to say that I enjoyed my visit to Local Loaf. I have officially converted to loving the Local Dip sandwich and will be back very soon to buy myself a whole entire one just for me!

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