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Maria says…

The bottom line: The salad was reason enough for me to want to come back!

My first job out of college was at a local non-profit organization that I still hold very dear to my heart. You can say I know both the trials and tribulations and also the satisfaction that comes with working for an organization that seeks out not to make profit but rather provide service for the good of others. And were it not for the fact that life for a recent college grad working for a non-profit is kind of hard I would probably have stuck around in the non-profit world for longer than what I did.

The reason why I bring that little story up is because one of the things that attracted me to The King’s Kitchen is the fact that they are a non-profit restaurant. For me this is such a unique idea and something I hadn’t heard of! The restaurant donates 100% of their profit to feed those that most need it in Charlotte and around the world. You can check out their website to get a better idea of the different things they do but overall I have to say that it is something very admirable. What takes this concept above and beyond is that the quality of the food doesn’t suffer just because it is a non-profit restaurant. In fact The King’s Kitchen stands behind serving their patrons meals served only using fresh local ingredients.

And I must say this is exactly what I tasted when I ordered their SC Peach SaladIt is comprised of fresh greens, walnut vinaigrette, their own made granola, and local honey. Overall I love salads but this one has to be one of the best I have had. The peaches provided the contrast in the crunchy texture from both the granola and the fresh greens. They were sweet and ripe. The walnut vinaigrette was tossed in the salad but it wasn’t like the veggies were soaking in salad dressing. The honey was drizzled on top and around the plate but thankfully it was just the right amount. I think were more honey used then it would overwhelm the plate and the flavors from the veggies and peach. Something else that I liked was the granola. I am not exactly sure what is put into it but I also liked that it wasn’t extremely sweet. In fact the salad had a perfect balance between sweet and savory. I am not sure where the savory flavor came from but it was an pleasant surprise to taste the sweetness and then get bursts of something salty in between bites. Next time I am at The King’s Kitchen I will definitely order this salad again.

Although during this visit the salad was all I ate I also did manage to steal some food from my friend’s plate so I could report on more stuff to you (thankfully my friends are willing to share their food with me!). The food that I was able to take a bite of were the mac and cheese, the cornbread, and the collard greens. I thought the mac and cheese was good although not as cheesy as I have had at other places. It was creamy nonetheless and the pasta was well cooked. I have run into other mac and cheese where the noodles are definitely undercooked. I only had a small piece of the cornbread and from what I tasted I liked it. I want to say maybe it was a tad bit dry but then again the piece I had was from the edge so that could have also contributed to this. And finally I also tried the collar greens. They were some of my favorite. They had a smoky and earthy flavor that I found very appealing. I asked my friend to comment on her food (especially since she was the one that ate all this stuff haha) and she said she enjoyed her meal. She thought the chicken was delicious. Her only other comment was that she felt the collard greens had a metallic after taste, although I think that this is due more to the vegetable itself rather than to how it’s cooked.

I highly enjoyed my meal at Kings Kitchen and more so knowing that my money was going to a good cause. The service was great and overall the food was very tasty. I will certainly be back to try their other dishes as I know a salad is by no means an accurate way to fully judge a restaurant.

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