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Maria says…

The bottom line: The place where delicious burgers and sweet treats reign!

Apparently these last few weeks I have been on a kick for discovering small places that have impressed me. Now The Southern Gourmet is not a very recent discovery as I have been to this establishment a couple of times before since it’s close to where I work. However, I finally decided that it was time to shed a little bit of light on it by writing a review.

The Southern Gourmet is a nice little Cafe/Deli/Bakery located off Monroe Road. I’d like to start off by saying that this is not your typical restaurant as it only operates limited hours during the week (Tuesday through Saturday from 11:30 am to 4 pm). Luckily for me it’s close enough that I am able to go during lunch time. Inside it is very welcoming with a lively decor of bright hued walls and paintings throughout the place. Although it only houses a few tables I really appreciate that the place is so well kept and gives me the feeling of a cafe. Something else that was a huge plus for me (and I included a picture of it here) is that every table has it’s own little hand sanitizer! This is honestly the first time I have seen something like it and thought it was very inventive and showed that the owners put a little extra thought into what the customers might like.

Now as for the food I can honestly say that it is the other thing that The Southern Gourmet does really well. On previous occasions I have eaten things like wraps and salads and I can tell you that they have been very delicious but can’t offer any more details as my memory escapes me. However, what keeps me coming back for more is their burgers! I know you are probably asking yourselves huh? With a name like Southern Gourmet wouldn’t it be Southern food? And well the answer is no. Yes, they offer Southern food, but also so much more! (thank goodness!) My favorite dish to get here (besides the desserts) is their burgers. One interesting thing to note is that they usually have a burger of the week. This is a specialty burger that you won’t find on their menu and varies from week to week.

During my visit here I had the Tiger Burger. It was comprised of 1/3 pound angus beef burger fire grilled, spinach leaves, grilled onions, and a homemade parmesan sauce on a toasted ciabatta roll. I always order my burgers well done and one of the things that I like about the burgers here is that even though they are fully cooked I do not feel like I am biting into a brick! There is just the right amount of fat and meat in the burger that even though they are well done I was still able to enjoy a very juicy and delicious piece of meat. The burger definitely had that fire grilled taste which I absolutely loved. The special sauce was smooth and creamy and I think it highly balanced off the caramelized onions. Something else that I thoroughly enjoyed was the simplicity of the burger. The fact that it did not have a ton of fixings allowed for the flavor of the meat to come out with every bite. This just goes to show you that sometimes the best thing to do is just to keep it simple. Another thing that I would like to highlight is that even though the ciabatta roll was toasted it was still soft. I also liked that they used this type of bread as opposed to a regular burger bun because it made me feel less guilty about eating so much! I think the ciabatta roll is a perfect substitute for a bun because I can still enjoy a delectable burger without having the feeling at the end that I can’t get out of my seat.

The burger also came with a side item which I can’t remember exactly what it was 🙁 I know..I know. I can tell you that it had peppers, tomato, beans, and onions. It also had a slight vinegar taste to it. It essentially was more of a healthy bean salad (my own description ha!). To me it was very fresh and had I not been full from my burger I would have finished it all!

One of the other note worthy things about The Southern Gourmet is their desserts. I did not have any on this occasion but have had them previously. One of the desserts that I highly enjoy is their cupcakes. They have different kinds and for the most part they are very moist and are not coated in icing like many cupcakes now days are. One of my coworkers also mentioned a nutella cheesecake that they once had available. It sounds heavenly doesn’t it? Can’t say that I had it but I do know that it made an impression on him because it was one of the things he mentioned when I brought up The Southern Gourmet as a lunch place suggestion.

Overall I would say that this cafe is definitely worth a try. If you ever find yourself in the area during their business hours let yourself peruse through their bakery offerings, and their savory menu items and decide for yourself whether this is the place for you!

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