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The bottom line: Is this the type of food I can expect from places like New Orleans? Because if so I just found myself a reason for a road trip!

I have only been to Cajun Queen twice and on both times my visits there have been due to goodbye gatherings. The first time I went was for my goodbye lunch from my first job out of college. And I think I was so sad I don’t even remember what I ate (It’s also been like ages ago!). This time, as some of you readers may or may not know, it was to bid Ana and another fellow friend adieu from Charlotte as they head on to the next chapter of their lives. Yes, my dear food blog accomplice is leaving and somehow I am going to have to eat for two people now! I don’t know if to be either way excited or petrified. But don’t panic people, thankfully Ana will be back in the states before we know it, and she has some very exciting things planned for you while she is jet setting through the world (more on that later).

So since I don’t want to remember Cajun Queen with sad things I am glad that the food that I ordered there did more than enough to plant a more joyful memory. A memory of delicious dishes that I can’t wait to go back and try again. I started off my meal with a seafood gumbo that had ingredients such as crab, shrimp, rice, and okra. It was tomato based and had a hint of spices such as cumin. I thought overall it lacked a little bit of salt, but other than that it was delicious. It was spicy but not overwhelmingly so. The amount of crab and shrimp were also plentiful. I was so hungry that I ate it all right away. By the way this is also great for dipping the bread you get served at the start of the meal. As much as I was trying to stay away from carbs that night I couldn’t help myself and ended eating more bread than what I wanted to!

My main dish was the chicken Diane. Oh goodness! Don’t eat this dish if you are on a diet because believe me it will make you think, diet what…?? The chicken Diane is what seems to be two pieces of chicken breast in a butter, garlic sauce accompanied by mushroom, green onions, and parsley served over rice. Wow that was a mouthful! I am a huge fan of mushrooms so this dish was just right up my alley. The mushrooms really complemented the chicken and were a hearty addition. You can definitely taste the garlic in the sauce and I don’t even want to think just the amounts of butter there was. The combination of the sauce plus the rice was superb. It moistened the rice and provided a burst of flavor as soon as you put the spoon in your mouth. Although the chicken should be the star of the dish I honestly could have done without it. It wasn’t bad, but it really wasn’t my favorite either. I think I should have gone with my gut instinct and have ordered the dish with shrimp instead. Needless to say this was a dish that I would definitely try again. It was also a little bit spicy but not to the point your mouth burns.

Ana had the Blackened Chicken dish which comprised of slices of chicken breast and mixed veggies. Her comment in regards to her meal was that it was good but that she wasn’t a big fan of the chicken. In her opinion it tasted a little bit processed and not as fresh as you would expect. I would say that this is a little how I felt about my chicken as well.

Cajun Queen had a lot of things on their menu that I would love to taste. My experience here was enjoyable and as far as I know it’s always packed. The ambiance is cozy thanks to the fact that it is a house outfitted as a restaurant. One of the other really cool things is that they have live jazz music in the evenings. I can see this being a great spot for families, friends, as well as romantic dinners. I’m looking forward to my next visit and this time I am going to be sure it’s not for any goodbye get together!

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