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Ana Says…

The bottom line: Healthy dishes and flavorful comfort food would make this a go to stop for this foodie!

I have been meaning to try the Roasting Company for a while. I have passed by it many times while visiting Montford. This restaurant is located right next to Jeff’s Bucket Shop (food before karaoke anyone?) From all accounts this restaurant has been a Charlotte mainstay for a long time. You can tell as you walk in. It’s not as fancy or flashy as the other restaurants surrounding it. There are a couple of tables in the middle and wooden booths lining the walls. On the left side you will see the counter. Upon walking in you will place your order at the counter and wait until called to pick up your food.

I was a little confused on how to classify their cuisine. On one hand you have a lot of Southern comfort food (collard greens, green beans, coleslaw, cornbread, etc) but they also have Tex Mex and Latin foods (tacos, rice, beans, etc), not to mention their ‘tico’ sauce. ‘Tico’ is a slang word used to refer to Costa Ricans.

I ordered the 1/4 rotisserie chicken which comes with two sides and cornbread. I picked the salad and the stir fried veggies. 

I was trying to it mostly healthy that day. Although I have to say that I was really, really tempted to try some of the other sides mainly the squash casserole or the smoked cheese and pasta.

Once my food was ready I stopped by their salsa bar for some pico de gallo to add to my salad rather than dressing. ‘Pico de gallo’ is a fresh salsa mainly made with tomatoes, onions, jalapeños, and lime juice. There are different variations but those are some of the common ingredients. I was satisfied with the chicken. It was white meat (you have a selection of dark or white) and it was juicy and tender. The chicken could have had a little more flavor but they have plenty of sauces that you can add on to customize.

One of those was the ‘tico’ sauce pictured above. This sauce is made from a variation of ingredients from tropical fruits, curry, garlic, onion, cilantro, and others.

My side salad was like every other salad. It was fresh and I was happy with that. The stir fried veggies were really flavorful. It was mainly squash, broccoli, and onions. I am not sure what seasoning they used but if I had to guess they must have used soy sauce. I liked that they weren’t plain old steamed veggies. The cornbread was decent. It had kernels of corns which I liked.

Although I did not partake, it is worth mentioning that they had a good selection of baked goods. Red velvet cake, oatmeal chocolate cookies, and many other scrumptious looking goodies. They also serve beer if that is your beverage of choice.

Overall, I was happy with my meal. I think this is definitely a place that I will come to when I need to eat a healthier meal out without all the guilt. It is just affordable, good, simple, wholesome food. Nothing fancy but enough to leave you satisfied. Their selection of veggie sides is extensive, they also have tacos, sandwiches, wings, and pork dishes which I look forward to trying on future visits!

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