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The bottom line: The music is great…but don’t expect much variety crowd wise.

I have only been to Dandelion for the dancing so even though they are also a food establishment my review will focus on the nightlife scene. During the night Dandelion turns into  a restaurant/bar which is a very common theme with many places around Charlotte. Downstairs you will find a bar and a good number of tables and chairs that serve as a seating area. The upstairs part features another bar, a limited number of tables around the sides, and a relatively good sized dance floor. The DJ booth is all the way at the top of a little set of stairs that he only has access to.

I want to start by saying that I am a little biased towards Dandelion only for its music and dancing. Here, I can honestly say, I have had some of the best nights with my group of friends (Ana can attest to this!) I have gone to Dandelion both on Friday and Saturday nights and for the most part it is always crowded. The dance floor and bar area are always jam packed towards the entrance so if you want a little bit of breathing room head towards the back. Also be warned that on those nights where there is hardly room to move you will feel the floor shaking beneath your feet, literally. I always wonder if it will give out one day…knock on wood!

But what Dandelion should be known for is its ability to have DJs on rotation that play awesome music that will keep you dancing all night long. There hasn’t been a night where I have gone to this place and just sat around. What I like about the music is that its not limited to what’s hot on the radio. Yes, they will play your Trinidad James (0_o) but they incorporate anything from Madonna, to Michael Jackson, to Whitney Houston, to Lil John, and even Sisqo. All of this making it for an unique danceable playlist that will make you ignore how much your feet hurt in those high heels (uh huh can’t say I’m not guilty of this.) I also love how the DJs who play here know how to transition between songs. There is nothing worse than a DJ that provides you with a choppy mixture as they move from one song to another. I am not exactly sure of the name of the DJs that play here but on one occasion I went to congratulate one of them for the great job and he told me he only worked at Dandelion. Well played Dandelion, well played.

But as much as I love it for its music I also feel like I need to touch on its ambiance/crowd. And the truth is that as soon as you enter the room you would think you were still in college at a mid to late 20s mixer. No one in their right, unbiased, mind will tell you I’m lying when I say that khaki pants, plaid shirts, boat shoes, and (sometimes) croakies are the norm. Yes I have seen them on display! And I mean there is nothing wrong with this, to each their own, but I honestly like to go to places where I can get to meet and interact with a wide variety of people. If you aren’t comfortable in a setting like this then you might not like Dandelion (and I have met a few people that avoid it for this reason). For me it’s all about the music, so as long as I am dancing I don’t mind as much. My friends and I always have a great time when we go and at the end of the day this is what matters the most, wouldn’t you say?

I really enjoy Dandelion and unless the floor caves in it will be one of those guilty pleasure dance spots of mine. Plus ladies get in free so that is one huge incentive! I really wish though that the DJs here played at other places because I would love to see them play in a different element. If you have been to Dandelion I would love to know your opinion and whether or not you agree or disagree with me.

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