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The bottom line: One of the most fun spots on Montford!

Let’s cut to the chase with many of the places on Montford…you either really enjoy them, you put up with them because you go there with friends, or you simply would rather go somewhere else. For the most part I usually fall in the middle category. Montford is practically the closest bar area to me, and during the summer I often find myself there because of the convenience of the location, and because it’s easy to jump from one spot to the next. However, I can’t really say that the Montford bar scene is number one on my list.

But if I do end up there on any given night one of my go to places is Jeff’s Bucket Shop. At first glance you could easily pass up on Jeff’s. It is located in this small corner next to a restaurant, The Roasting Company, and in order to access it you have to go down a flight of stairs. In other words imagine something like a basement or cellar. Once inside, the location is very small and definitely not as nice as the other places in the area. It is essentially a dive bar. You will also be required to be a member and pay a one time $1 membership fee which allows you to bring in a limited number of guests at one time. But despite all this what you will find at Jeff’s is an awesome time!

I have gone to Jeff’s on Saturday nights which is their karaoke night. Now if you are not a big fan of karaoke or aren’t willing to try it out then this place is not for you. Here you won’t find your usual DJ spinning the latest hits with a video show to accompany it. The majority of Jeff’s patrons are amateour singers and the music you will hear ranges from anything like Wagon Wheel, to TLC’s No Scrubs, to Pat Benatar, to Rihanna. You have to be OK with hearing all type of singers because lets face it, the majority of people aren’t American Idol or The Voice contestants (and I am including myself in this group!).

What I like about Jeff’s is that you leave all preconcieved notions and worries at the door. Everyone lets their guard down and are simply there to have a good time. You will get an eclectic mixture of people who will cheer you on as you sing or carry on about their business until it’s their time to hit the stage. One of the other cool things about Jeff’s is that they offer free popcorn for their guests. Their drink prices are also not that bad and they have some specials through out the night.

Overall, Jeff’s can be a pretty chill spot so don’t dismiss a book by it’s cover to sound a little cliche. Definitely give it a try at least once and decide if this is a venue that is worth more than one visit from you.

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