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Bottom line: A bakery that has me considering many, many road trips to Boone

When Maria and I went to the Blue Ridge Food & Wine Festival, I knew that I had to take her and our fellow foodies to this delightful trove of goodies. I discovered this bakery courtesy of a friend who took me there during a previous visit. The bakery is located close to the main part of town where all the restaurants, shops, and bars are.

Upon entering the bakery you will see a smoothie and coffee bar to the right, a display full of cakes and baked goods towards the back, and loads of bread loaves to the right.

They also sell natural and homemade spreads, peanut butter, cheeses, trail mix, etc, that can be found around the store. They usually have samples of freshly made bread or goodies to try.


I had a mission when I went there and that was to try their their Magic Cookie. This cookie is big, soft, chewy and it is loaded with chocolate chips, coconut flakes, and pecans.

I also had their specialty coffee. The specialty coffees are delicious and unique flavor combinations. One notable coffee drink was the Almond Joy. Maria and our friend raved about this drink for a good while (and by a good while I mean good enough to come back and get another the next day). The Almond Joy is made out of coconut, almond, and chocolate syrup along with coffee, of course.

As previously mentioned, one visit to this place was not enough. We found ourselves there the next day (because what else do girls do on a trip but eat!) for a pit stop before heading back to the QC. This time around I was filled with guilt after spending a ridiculous amount of time stuffing myself over the weekend. While I passed up the baked goodies I did get a custom made coffee drink. The girl behind the counter was very kind and patient while I questioned her (yes, like it was the Spanish Inquisition) about all the flavor options available.

Which brings me to another point, the customer service provided at Stick Boy is worth a mention. Everyone was ready with a smile to the multitude of customers coming through. I have yet to find an equivalent to this place in the QC. This bakery alone is enough to get me to seriously consider future road trips to Boone!

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