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Maria says…

The bottom line: Your experience might depend on the type of grilled cheese sandwich you get

A couple of weeks ago I went to my very first food truck rally. For some reason I had this idea that I would show up and eat something from at least 3 or 4 trucks (you can tell I have an active imagination right?) and maybe still have some room for dessert. Yeah, it was my first food truck gathering experience so I really did not have any idea…

I think food truck gatherings are like my mecca, but also my worst nightmare because I seriously stood in the middle of the grounds trying to pick out which one I would go with. I could have gone the eenie meenie miney mo route but that would have been no good either. Instead I decided to do what everyone else was doing and head to the Papi Queso food truck. Now me and grilled cheese have always gotten along. I actually like it, and the thought of gourmet grilled cheese just piqued my interest enough to make me stand in line for about 45 minutes.

Since I could not be gluttonous and eat from 3 or 4 food trucks I was a little less gluttonous and instead ordered two grilled cheese sandwiches from Papi Queso. Now the only caveat to this is that I thought I was ordering one grilled cheese and an order of lobster mac and cheese. The lobster mac and cheese is not on their menu but a couple of people I talked to were also under the impression that it would be a separate dish and not a grilled cheese sandwich. Perhaps if I had known this I would have been a little less willing to order it since one grilled cheese sandwich is enough for me. I should have asked the guy taking orders to clarify this but I was so hungry and greedy for grilled cheese I just totally skipped over that part when it was my turn.

The first sandwich I ate was their Spanish Chorizo and Petit Basque option. It has pepper tapenade, white wine leeks, basil, and sea salt. After my first bite in I really thought that it was amazing. I loved everything about it and it has been one of the best sandwiches I have had. The gooeyness of the cheese, the taste of the chorizo, and just how the mixture of all of the ingredients meshed so well together was great. I also really liked how the bread was crispy and buttery. Lets just say that the Spanish Chorizo grilled cheese sandwich set the bar very high for the other grilled cheese to come.

And this is perhaps why I don’t feel as strongly for the lobster mac and cheese one. For me it was a little bit too salty. However, they definitely did not skimp out on the lobster which is really awesome for a seafood lover like me. The sandwich of course featured your typical mac and cheese, plus more cheese, plus what I felt was a little bit of mustard. It wasn’t bad, and it’s an innovative idea, but honestly the Spanish chorizo one cut it for me, and in my opinion this one was not up to par. I talked to someone who also ordered this sandwich and they agreed that it was a little salty as well, but that besides that it was good.

Papi Queso has a couple of more offerings on their menu and I will be back to try others. Overall I enjoyed my experience there and I mean they must be doing something right if they can boast of having the biggest line of all the food trucks that were there!

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