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The bottom line: You’d think with so many offerings they’d get it wrong, but it’s oh so right!

Alright, my first thought in writing this was how on earth am I going to tackle writing about a place with just so many things on their menu!? Especially one that touts to have awesome sushi and burgers all in one location. This review actually makes my Amor de Brazil one look like it was a piece of cake! But honestly, if I used a frequent flyer miles credit card when I came here I’d have racked up enough miles to travel to some exotic place, and yet I still feel like I haven’t even touched 10% of their menu.

The dish that I will mainly write about is the Blackened Ahi Tuna Nachos (I told you nachos are my weakness!) that I recently had on a team outing to The Cowfish with all my coworkers. The dish is comprised of wonton chips, crab rangoon dip, guacamole, avocados, diced tomatoes, spring mix, and of course the blackened ahi tuna. I will admit that at first I was skeptical about the dish. I didn’t know exactly what to expect and whether it would fill me up haha. But let me tell you it was as delicious as it could get! The waiter told me it is one of their most popular dish and I can see why. The tuna was cooked just right. The edges were well seasoned and the raw middle portion had that smooth buttery texture that you would expect. It also seemed fresh and I did not get any type of fishy aftertaste at all. The rangoon dip and the avocado (sliced and as guacamole) were a great compliment to the tuna. The wonton chips were also a great addition and I am not sure that this dish would have worked as well with your regular tortilla chips. I loved it plain and simple and will more than likely have it again on my next visit.

My coworkers also raved about their food which ranged from sushi, burgers, and sandwiches. A  dish that deserves an honorable mention here as well (but not pictured) is their Crispy Calamari. Now I’m also a lover of calamari and have had it at many places in the area but this is by far my favorite. I love how they switch it up and serve it with a sweet chili sauce. I have no shame in saying that sometimes I order one plate just for myself. Their salads are also very plentiful and very good. Something else that is in their menu is their milkshakes. They have spiked milk shakes! Need I say more? I never had one of the spiked ones but on one occasion I did have the Caramel Chocolate Espresso Malt and it was everything a milkshake should be. It was very rich, creamy, sugary, and precisely what I shouldn’t have been eating after a full meal, but I didn’t regret it then and I don’t regret it now!

The Cowfish menu can seem intimidating, yes. However, once you get over that and dive in there is no turning back. Well at least there hasn’t been a turning back point yet for me. This is a great place to go to although I do have to say that the wait can sometimes be insane so you want to get there just early enough or not hungry enough. The service has also been great and on my last visit our waiter was funny and provided much comic relief after a hard work day. Please visit this place and I promise you won’t regret it. And if you do then just let me know why!

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