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Cuisine: Tapas and sushi
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The bottom line: There will be many, many future visits!

Soul Gastrolounge lives up to the hype. If you have ever read a review about this place you better believe it. I went to Soul for the first time several months ago just for drinks. The aromas wafting through the air were enough to make my mouth water and I vowed to come back to try their food. It took me several months but I finally made it to dinner with a friend. The place is quite small and the wait was over 45 mins on a Friday night. Every booth and every spot at the bar was filled. We ordered drinks while we waited for our table and had to wait around with a bottle of sake in our hands, standing up, until a spot was freed at the bar.

The restaurant is located on the second floor of a building in Plaza Midwood. They are located on top of an art gallery. Upon walking in you will see the bar straight ahead and booths lining the walls to the right. The rest of the space to the left is filled with cozy furniture. This makes for a great casual atmosphere to share drinks and food with friends or a great date spot. They also have a DJ after 10PM during the weekends for a more festive bar atmosphere.

The menu is very extensive. They have a long list of small plates, a variety of typical sushi options, and a list of original Soul sushi creations. All I can say is that the wait was worth it. I ordered the ‘Sashimi Tuna Tacos’ and the ‘White Bean and Goat Cheese’ dip.

The tacos were very fresh and the shell was very crispy. It was made of fried wontons. The tacos had a bit of wasabi at the end. This is a good plate to get if you want seafood but not quite in the mood for sushi. 

The dip was delicious. It consisted of white beans with a creamy goat cheese sauce and pita chips to dip in. I wish that the dip had more of the tanginess of goat cheese but it was still quite tasty.

My friend ordered a dish that they don’t have on the menu and well…they should. It was a beef stroganoff dish over egg noodles with goat cheese and fried mushrooms. I had serious dish envy. Soul was offering it as part of their special dishes that night. I am half considering calling every day and begging until they make it a permanent addition to the menu. The lamb was perfectly tender and juicy, the noodles were tasty, and the fried mushrooms? Delicious! Yep, I only had one bite.

Soul also offers a selection of cupcakes. To make a pig out session even bigger we decided to order some. I had a caramel cupcake and my friend has the red velvet. The cupcakes were alright. Not as delicious as a certain other place that I have raved about on this site. The icing on the caramel cupcake was very buttery and the red velvet cake itself wasn’t worth writing home about. The red velvet cupcake icing however was very light and creamy. One other thing worth mentioning is that Soul serves their water with a cucumber in it. I thought it was a nice touch. It changes the flavor from the regular lemon that is used in most places. Very refreshing!
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