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The bottom line: Ordering more than 1 nutella paleta would not be a bad idea!

Traveling to Nashville was one of those random trips that you just bring up to friends and before you know it you’ve booked a place to stay and arranged transportation. And so that was how on a Friday morning I was traveling through the Appalachian mountains on my way to Music City. Nashville was different than Charlotte, and the fact that the SEC basketball tournament was going on that weekend did not help much in trying to figure out its vibe. I did love all the live music. The bands were so good!

But you really don’t want to hear about all that stuff, do you? This post is under the food section  so food info is what I’m going to give you. One of those little random places we visited was a coffee shop located in Nashville’s West End/Hillsboro section right by Vanderbilt University. It is called Hot and Cold and it serves the most amazing Paletas ever! The coffee shop itself is part of a coffee shop conglomerate under the name Bongo Java. However, each shop has it’s unique individual decor. Hot and Cold was cute and quaint. It was busy with college students and seems just like a cool little place you would go with friends to hang out and watch a summer day go by.

Now for the Paletas…they were awesome! I have to state though that Hot and Cold simply distribute the paletas. They are in actuality made by another Nashville company called “Las Paletas”. Paletas are basically an ice pop that are either creamy in texture when made from milk, or water based when they are made from fruits. My Nutella Paleta was milk based and it was rich and delicious. You could taste the nutella with every single bite and every time you got close to finishing it you only wished you could have more! (I attempted to get another one after I finished my brunch but I simply didn’t have room for more food). I feel like this is a lower calorie alternative to ice cream and much healthier for those of us with such a sweet tooth! I admit on my trip back I looked up how to make these treats and it’s in fact simple. Sometimes all it takes is milk, sugar, vanilla extract, and chocolate!

Overall Hot and Cold gave me a chill vibe and I can see myself being a frequent customer if I lived in this section of Nashville. As for the paletas, I think I just found the summer dessert I will be making non stop. I am so glad this traditional Mexican dessert has made it all the way to the states. And since I can’t be traveling to Nashville that often I did some more investigating and well it seems the research triangle (Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill) has a paletas shop as well!

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