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Ana says…

The bottom line: Go stalk them right now!

Cupcake Delirium is a magical food truck. Yes, you read that right. I am a big lover of cakes. I love everything about a cake. Making it from scratch, decorating it, and scarfing it down like it’s going out of style. This makes me very critical of cakes. My ideal cupcake has the perfect balance of icing and cake. The icing and the cake itself should not be so sweet that they overwhelm one another. If this sounds like the type of thing you like then you will love Cupcake Delirium.

There have been many a cupcake shop (that I won’t mention) that top their cakes with an overwhelming amount of icing that leaves me feeling sick after eating one. And how could I not finish it? I don’t believe in wasting food!

I ordered two cupcakes at Cupcake Delirium. I had the intention of only getting one but they had a deal, alright? Don’t judge me too harshly. I ordered the Vermont Jemima and the Twisted Snickers. The Vermont Jemima is a concoction of maple cake and icing topped with candied bacon.

This was hands down my favorite. The only way to describe this is as breakfast in a cupcake. It tasted somewhat like a pancake. For those of you skeptical of the bacon if you love the sweet/salty combo then you will love this!

The Twisted Snickers had a more familiar combination. It was a vanilla cake filled with a snickers nugget, and topped with icing, drizzled chocolate, and peanuts.

There was nothing wrong with this cake but after eating the Vermont Jemima it didn’t feel as stellar. If you like snickers you will like this, but if you are visiting the food truck for the first time I would recommend going with another one.

The Bionic Eggnog also deserves an honorable mention. I didn’t get to eat this cupcake but a fellow foodie friend did. I got to smell it. Yes, and I would have inhaled through my nostrils but I didn’t want to horrify my friend like that. The eggnog cupcake was made with rum and boy I could smell it!

If Cupcake Delirium wasn’t so bad for my waistline I would stalk them every day. Every single day. Need I say more?

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