Amor de Brazil

Maria says…

Cuisine: Brazilian Steakhouse (Rodizo style)
The bottom line: A meat lovers paradise!

Amor de Brazil…oh where do I even start? Maybe by saying that I don’t know how I was able to eat all I ate in just one sitting, but I did. I literally work like 5 minutes away from it but had not seen it before, so this was a perfect opportunity to check out if it could become one of my new favorite spots.

Ana and I decided to visit Amor de Brazil during Charlotte restaurant week since we figured it would be a great way to take advantage of the pricing. Plus there had been a lot of hype about it  lately so what better reason to go?

The restaurant week menu was $30 for the salad bar, meat rodizo, and choice of dessert. We started of with what they call “cheese bread” or better known as pan de yuca in the latin world. It is a very cheesy and delicious bread made out of yuca root and cheese. From the cheese bread I moved on to the good stuff, the salad. Alright, are you ready? Here’s the list of all of what I ate from the salad bar: potato salad, cherry tomato and mozzarella, portobello mushroom salad, chicken salad, tabouleh, and eggplant salad. The majority of these were delicious and were the salad bar less expensive that’s where you would be able to find me during lunch! I really can’t go into details about all the dishes because one I would be writing a book, and two there were just all types of flavors in my mouth that I can’t even fully put in words. Some highlights are: The potato salad had pieces of apple which gave it a crispy texture to an otherwise standard salad. The portobello mushroom salad was sweet while the eggplant salad was very spicy and garlicky. The chicken salad also had pieces of apple and a wide variety of peppers. But probably my favorite one was the tabouleh because it only had a hint of spiciness, acidity from the vinegar, and was a very light salad.

From that I moved on to the cold cuts which included prosciutto, salami, wine cheese, manchego, sage cheese, and cheese with cranberries. The prosciutto and salami were delicious, with my favorite actually being the salami. The wine cheese pretty much tasted like wine. It was also very cool looking since you could see the marbelization of the wine and cheese. My favorite hands down was the cheese with cranberries. Maybe it was the mixture of the sharpness of the cheese and the sweetness of the cranberries, but all I know is that I could have kept eating that for forever! I actually even researched buying a wheel of it after I had it. That idea is still in my head…hmm… Overall the cold cuts and cheese were great. I can definitely see myself eating this with a glass of wine to my hearts content.

So you are thinking, well what about the meat? And let me tell you, meat is not in shortage at Amor de Brazil. It’s their forte so surprise surprise boy did I eat a whole lot of meat that night. Basically I had filet mignon, chicken wrapped in bacon, lamb chop, normal lamb, chicken leg, flank steak, sausage, top sirloin, pork, and other meat cuts I completely forgot to write down. Once again I feel like I’m cheating you guys because I can’t really go into complete details about these unless you are OK with reading a ton. So short and sweet, I would recommend the chicken wrapped in bacon. It was juicy and delicious. The chicken leg was good too but also very hot and spicy. I also really enjoyed the top sirloin and the pork as they just had the right amount of seasoning, were tender and flavorful. The flank steak honestly was one of my favorites. The lamb chop was good, juicy, but also fatty. The filet mignon was rare and bloody (meat eaters out there will probably not like me, but I am not a rare meat aficionado). Honestly the one thing I would really skip is the sausage. It’s OK but leaves this weird aftertaste I’m not the biggest fan of.

So after all this food you are probably thinking did she really eat it all, and how did she get up from her seat. Yep, I really did eat it all, and how I got up is still a mistery to me. For me, Amor de Brazil was good enough for a one time trip. I usually don’t do well with the buffet style places because believe it or not I do get full quickly (all I ate here was merely for research). If meat is your thing then you should give this place a visit. Otherwise, I think most people would be able to satisfy their meat craving from a steakhouse. I would visit this more constantly for the cold cuts and salad bar, yet at $25 I don’t think it entices me enough to make the trip that frequently.

I knew I was forgetting something…the dessert! I had flan. For me it was ehhh…your normal standard flan. If you go to this restaurant don’t feel like you have to save room for dessert, that is if you have any room left after all that food! Oh and Ana, well she went into shock after eating all that food that she forgot to write her review!

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