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The bottom line: I’ve died and gone to nacho heaven!

As part of our blog we decided to do a “spotlight on” section where we talk about some of the places we visited while on road trips or weekend getaways from Charlotte. A couple of weeks ago a friend’s birthday brought me to visit the beautiful city of Charleston ( I won’t lie, I am sort of in love with this city). During a quick visit to a local shop it just so happened that fate put my friend and I in front of Sesame Burgers & Beer just in time for lunch. Being a Charleston native she already had knowledge of this restaurant and said it was always crowded but we could attempt to get seats.

What I encountered at Sesame Burgers & Beer was pure bliss!! To start off the waiter was really friendly and joked around with us. My drink of choice for that day was a draft cider. It was refreshing and not too sweet at all. A perfect way to start my afternoon meal.

Now those who know me really well can tell you that when there are nachos listed on the menu I will more than likely gravitate towards them. I don’t know what it is but they are sort of my weakness. It’s my safe go to choice and I have found that no two nachos are prepared the same way. At least that’s my excuse for ordering them all the time! On this occasion I was sort of in a dilemma because I also wanted to try the daily special which was a lobster quesadilla. Sigh..what to do!? Thankfully the waiter pointed me in the right direction and said that I could not pass up the nachos because those were some of his favorite.

The nachos were heaven, plain and simple. They were topped with BBQ pork, a house made creamy ranch dressing, spicy BBQ sauce and some tomatoes, lettuce, and scallions. Usually some places serve nachos with sour cream and salsa but these didn’t have that. Either way it didn’t matter because I don’t think they would have made the dish any better than what it already was. The pork was amazing! The BBQ sauce was spicy enough to give the dish that extra kick but not too hot to make you sweat. I can go on and on and describe the dish but why would I do that when there is simply one word for it..FENOMENAL. The best nachos I have ever eaten so far. I would pack my bags and move to Charleston if I am able to eat this at least once a week.

If you are ever in Charleston please go to this place. And if you live there you need to go right now and order some nachos in my name. Overall the restaurant has a very chill vibe. I loved the rustic wood decor and was highly pleased when I heard The Black Keys as part of their music rotation. People with foodie friends or significant others…if you want to take them somewhere special take them here, they will be grateful! I think I’ll be back so that I am able to try their burgers which is their main specialty. Hey I am not complaining about going for another visit 🙂

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